Interactive Multifunctional Flash Globe Required

I require a 3D Globe that visitors to my website can interact with. The globe should be photo-realistic and have the following capabilities:

- By clicking and dragging with the mouse, users should be able to control the direction of spin, and the speed of spin of the globe. It should be able to spin in any direction, not just east-west.

- A single click should stop the globe rotating.

- The continents and oceans should be selectable. Double clicking one of these will link to a separate page.

- As the globe rotates, pre-defined information/news should appear about whichever continent(s) is in view. Where this information appears should be easy to control.

The final requirement is:

When the globe is stationary, the user can "unwrap" the globe to be presented with a 2D World Map, where the centre of the map is the point the globe was stopped at. i.e. If the globe was rotated so Antarctica was at the equator and in full view, the user should be able to unwrap this customised view to be presented with an accurate 2D map of the world with Antarctica at the centre, and all other continents in there correct relative positions.

A little extra info...

With respect to the final product - I need a stand alone solution which can be easily placed in a pre-existing webpage with little or no alterations.
A simple back-end for admin purposes is necessary to allow the modification of all variables: globe size, initial rotation speed, distance of "camera" from globe, etc.
The information/news displayed as the globe rotates will be sourced from other pages within the same website.
If necessary I can supply a map to wrap the globe.

It would be preferable if new and different areas of the globe could be chosen to be selectable. For example, initially the different continents and oceans shall be individual buttons, but in the future it should be possible to easily modify this so that different custom areas are selectable.

I do not require this project to be completed on-site, and I do not mind about off-shore development.

As an indication of the type of user control I am looking for, please see this example:

Skills: ActionScript, Adobe Flash, Website Design

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