Flash Game Creation

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We would like to have a physics flash game developed; it must be developed using AS3, not AS2.

Game Description:

- The game-play starts with a level being shown. The level will be a 2 dimensional side view of a play area with various moving and stationary platforms. Throughout the level there will be windows. Also placed in the level will be a person holding a baseball bat (henceforth known as the ‘Batter’). The point of the game is to break all the windows in the level, this is done by the player hitting a baseball to try and break the windows.

- The challenge should be:

o avoiding the moving platforms

o needing to hit a switch to open locked areas which hold either windows or other switches (which in turn would unlock further areas)

o having to ‘bank’ or ‘bounce’ the ball in order to reach certain objectives

o Having a limited number of balls, based on the level’s difficulty.

- Each time the player hits a ball, they can hit another ball (if they still have balls left) ... multiple balls in the play area treat each other as objects, meaning they can hit and bounce off each other.

- The best score is achieved by using the lowest number of baseballs and still breaking all the glass in a level.

- The game should feature realistic physics-based game play.


- The user clicks the Batter, and holds down the mouse. They then drag the mouse away from the player and, in the opposite direction, an arrow appears with a meter to show how hard the player is going to hit the ball. At the same time, the angle of the ‘hit’ is shown, by the way the arrow is pointing, based on the position of the mouse in relation to the player. When the player releases the mouse, the Batter throws a ball in front of him and hits it in the direction indicated by the controls. This control scheme is near identical to the control scheme for the existing flash game: Bloons. Although the graphics must be different, of course.


- The game will have 30 unique levels. The levels will start very easy and get progressively get more difficult. The level select screen would feature 30 square icons, each with a unique number from 1 - 30 in them, arranged in 3 rows of 10, in ascending order.

- The player cannot proceed to the next level until they beat the level before it.

- Each level completed should award the player with a 1 to 3 star rating, based on their performance. Should the player receive a less than perfect (3 star) score, they may revisit the level and attempt to beat their score.

- After completing all 30 levels, the player should receive the option to play them with unlimited balls. Although while playing with unlimited balls they cannot improve their score, they must play with the regular level limit of balls to improve their score.

- After completing all 30 levels, each with a 3 star rating, the player should unlock the final 5 levels. These levels should be extremely difficult, but not impossible.

- Once the player completes all the extra levels with 3 stars, they should see a congratulations screen.


- The game should feature a main menu with the following menu items:

o Start Game (brings the user to the level select stage)

o Sounds (Turns all sounds on and off)

o More games (links to a URL)

o Infinite ball mode (toggles the infinite ball mode if unlocked)

- This project is for exclusive rights & ownership of source code used to create the game and the game itself, across all platforms, including but not limited to:

o Gameplay and gameplay mechanics.

o Rights to all future sequels, prequels, or otherwise related games. (Any game resembling the game that is created based on this project )

o Title of the game, use of title of the game for promotional & future game use

o Although sounds are not required on the part of the developer. Any sounds & graphics used MUST be legal for commercial use, with no fees or royalties due.

o A simple contract is to be signed by the developer to outline these points.

Skills: Adobe Flash

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