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Flash Slideshow Modification for Better XML Control

I originally downloaded this Flash file from [url removed, login to view] and you can go there to get a new (unaltered) copy if you prefer. I am also uploading a sample of what the new XML file format might look like. This one contains the links and the movie size variables. Your XML format does not have to be done this way, but should use clear logic.

This flash file reads in the path of multiple images and does a simple faded slideshow between them. All current features must be kept (fade duration, display length, randomize/sequence, loop) but I have a few new features that need to be added. You do not have to use the provided files as your base, but the functionality should be the same.

1. the current version must be manually adjusted in the flash file to set the height and width. I want this to be passed in as a variable in the XML file (or even better...if simply use the size that I set in the page HTML without stretching my images.

2. I need the ability to make an image a link (optionally). the link will need to go in the XML somewhere logical and will contain either a relative or a complete URL. Not all images will have a link, and the mouse pointer should only change if the image is a link.

3. I would like to pass the XML file location dynamically in my HTML. Rather than always looking for [url removed, login to view] i want to specify a path to an XML file to be used. This will probably be a complete URL usually. My HTML will be generated with PHP, so it will be no problem for me to insert this path...just give me a sample HTML file and i can replace the provided path with my own.

4. i think it does this already...but please ensure that if i pass an image to this which is too small, it will center it and if too large, it will only display the part that fits. The flash file (swf) should have a transparent background to match whatever site it is used on.

5. i think it already waits to ensure that the next image has been fully loaded before it fades into it, but this is needed if it does not already do it.

6. Please tell me if this flash file can accept formats other than jpeg...i have always used jpeg up to now, but if it can support other formats, that would be good to know. No need to add this functionality if not present.

I will require you to provide me with the FLA file as well as a complete working sample (html, swf, xml). I will be reachable by email during business hours in USA. I will place payment in GAF escrow and will release within one week of completion once i have had the chance to test the provided files on my own server in multiple settings and environments.

SERIOUS BIDS ONLY. NO PLACEHOLDER BIDS. PLEASE ONLY BID AFTER READING THE COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS. I will not select a provider who sends a generic "form letter" bid telling me about other projects that have nothing to do with this.

I will not accept any bid made by someone who attempts to contact me outside of Get A Freelancer. Providers given preference if a demo of similar work is available. Gold members with high ratings are also given strong preference. Another flash project is available immediately if I am pleased with your work on this one. Please ask any clarifying questions BEFORE you bid. If any of my requirements above are not feasible or will add substantial cost, please let me know in PMB and I may be willing to re-work requirements, but any changes will be made to official project posting before a provider is selected.

I will retain rights on the files to sell, redistribute, modify, and otherwise use as I see fit without attribution or additional payment. You may re-sell your files to other people as well.

Skills: Adobe Flash

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