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I want to have a modified flash player built, based on JWPlayer 360 of Pantaloons([url removed, login to view]) which would work exactly like the one from yellowbird ([url removed, login to view]).

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read this requirements carefully, analyze the Yellow Bird player and let me know with certainty if you can do the job or not. Please do not waste my time if you can not do it. Reply back / bid if you are 100% certain that you can complete the full project in 7 days.

1) The player should accept .vwm and .flv/.f4v videos (which I think the one from pantaloons already does).

2) The player should support the projection type called "Planet View" (a.k.a. "little planet") demoed in [url removed, login to view] This should be another button in the control bar (next to the fullscreen one). Also a boolean flashvar should let us choose this mode to be active when reproduction starts.

3) I believe the best way to implement the "messages" appearing in the top of the yellow bird player would be by reading a csv config file (passed via flashvar) with the timing and the image to display. E.g.:

00:00:00 00:25:10 "Phrase number one" "Phrase number two" [url removed, login to view]

00:25:10 01:05:30 "Phrase number three" "Phrase number four" [url removed, login to view]


No file or empty time-frames in it would just not display anything. Any other reasonable solution can be accepted too.

4) We would provide our company logo to embed inside the flash (not passed via parameter) so it is hardcoded, as well as the link it should follow. This linked logo should appear in the bottom left hand side of the display area. Also the link with our company name should appear in the context menu (right click on video). Finally the "floor" of the viewer (when moving the camera view downwards) should show the logo.

5) It is very important for us to keep the video ratios that the yellowbird player has, in both windowed and fullscreen modes. As said before the behavior has to be exactly like the yellowbird player.

6) We would like to receive both the compiled player and the source code for it.

7) We will provide you with the initial still shown when the video is first loaded. This will probably be an image with some text and the play button.

8) The pantaloons GIT was unresponsive these days, so I can provide the the JWPlayer 360 source.

9) We have a top final budget of 300 USD for the project and 7 days to get it completed. Payment management will be through FreeLance Payment System only.

Thank you all and happy bidding!

Skills: Adobe Flash

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