Minimal trransparent FLV Player

Project: Very small player (2-3 Kb) not necessarily based on JW’s FLA but similar in limited functions. It should be limited to only playing .FLV’s or display s a png Nag Screen and watermark file that I will supply.

Code it as you wish but it needs capable of interacting with [url removed, login to view] and accept the following list of parameters AND accept the same parameters if it is instantiated by conventional OBJECT and EMBED commands.

These parameters should function and have the same default values as they do in JW’s 3.13 Player.

{var so = new SWFObject('[url removed, login to view]','single','288','184', '8'); Note 1

[url removed, login to view]('file', getQueryParamValue('id')); OR [url removed, login to view]('file', '[url removed, login to view]'); Single FLV files only

[url removed, login to view]('enablejs','true'); true or false

[url removed, login to view]('javascriptid','single'); Determined by user

[url removed, login to view]('bufferlength', '3'); numeric range 1-10

[url removed, login to view]('autostart','true'); true or false

[url removed, login to view]('width','288'); numeric

[url removed, login to view]('height','184'); numeric

[url removed, login to view]('scale', 'true'); true or false

//[url removed, login to view]('overstretch','fit'); true,false, fit,none

[url removed, login to view]('volume','65'); numeric

[url removed, login to view]('showcontrols','false'); numeric

//[url removed, login to view]('clicklink','[url removed, login to view]'); Link to a page if click on the video

//[url removed, login to view]('clicklinktarget','_self'); _self OR _blank

//[url removed, login to view]('redirectlink','[url removed, login to view]'); Link to a page at end of current video

//[url removed, login to view]('redirectlinktarget','_self'); _self OR _blank

[url removed, login to view]('menu','true'); true or false

//[url removed, login to view]('cookietype','d'); a,s,h,d,m,y **

//[url removed, login to view]('cookieinterval','s'); numeric – 2 digits***

//[url removed, login to view]('stop','t'); Stop on last frame true or false

[url removed, login to view]('flashcontent')}; DIV ID

Note: 1 Player name, Javascript ID, width, height, Flash Player minimum version

// : indicates parameters that are OPTIONAL and may be used but are NOT REQUIRED

** : a=always, s = once per session, h=every x hours,d= every x days,m=every x months, y=once per year

*** : 99=always any other cookie type will use the 2 digits to control the frequency of appearance

These standard JW parameters are NOT be options. They should be default attributes of your player.

[url removed, login to view]('wmode','transparent');

[url removed, login to view]('quality','best' );

[url removed, login to view]('transparent','true');

[url removed, login to view]('abouttxt','[url removed, login to view]');

[url removed, login to view]('aboutlnk','[url removed, login to view]');

The Player control should only show if SHOWCONTROLS is TRUE and the cursor is over the top of the video player.

The Player control should have Play/Pause, Stop, Volume Slider controls only. Please use the same skinning used in the JW Player. It should be opaque at approx 65%.

It should be centered under the video display area.

I will want two separate com folders for this project from you upon completion psyment for of the project. In addition I will want the .as, .fla, and swf files.

The first com folder is for a downloadable demo of the swf that times out after 10 days from installation and then displays this nag screen whenever someone tries to play a video in it. This will be controlled by a Registration file I will provide to the service provider..

I would also like a transparent watermark similar to this green boxed area superimposed over the video when the demo player plays. I will provide you with a .png that is appropriate.

The second com folder is basically the same but without the 10 day time out. Instead, it should include additional logic similar to this or your improved concept of this idea. I want the swf to verify that is on domain(s) and any sub domain(s) it was licensed for.

Sample code concept for .as file:

this_url = _root._url;

// list of allowed urls.

allowed_urls = new Array("", “"); So I can create custom SWF’s locked to

each registered users domain.

// Take out the http://, and get the domain

// Life would be so much easier if Flash supported regular expressions

// as a standard.

this_url = [url removed, login to view](7, [url removed, login to view]);

this_url = [url removed, login to view](0, [url removed, login to view]("/"));

var found_good_url = 0;

for(var i=0; i<[url removed, login to view]; i++)


if(this_url == allowed_urls[i])


found_good_url = 1;




if(found_good_url == 1)


gotoAndStop("goodurl"); If it’s a valid domain, play the video

} else


gotoAndStop("badurl"); If it’s not, display this image

I certainly understand that no copy protection will remain secure for long but this approach PLUS the encryption software will use will slow MOST folks down.

Skills: Adobe Flash

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