Simple Bar code Scanning App for iPhone and Android



Simple App to scan three bar codes and email the contents to a fixed email address.

App will have settings for:-

1. email address

2. Phone Owner


Bar Code 1: [Field Name: FROM] Defaults to Phone Owner

Bar Code 2: [Field Name: TO] Interleave 2of5 Bar code from an Employee Badge or allow keyboard to type

Bar Code 3: [Field Name: DOCUMENT] Code 39 Barcode from A4 printout

Button: [SEND] - Emails plain text content to email address

Button [CANCEL] - Clears screen

App is for an in house tracking system for Documents that can get lost and I need to track these in a database. Emailing is the simplest way I know as I can have a VB app to read the inbox and process the data into the database.

Each of the 3 fields can accept a bar code scan from the camera or be manually entered with the phone's keyboard.

App should

Skills: Android, iPhone

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