Add a Simple Function to an iPhone/iPad App (quickly!)


Add a simple function to an existing iPhone App (well documented).

The Draw App is build with cocos2d.

You need to add two brushes, so that it's possible to draw with these brushes. You may want to work around the NSColor class API. A possible way could be to create a small image say 25x25 out of a brush pattern and provide the path to an Image object.

in drawRect before drawing the NSBezierPath you might want to set the color using above image object.

It's one option but feel free to use another. You need to build the brushes around the core functionality of the existing app. You will see how it works as soon as you fire up XCode. Simple Code. Simple App.

When you reply start by typing the words "Goblin Blues", so I know that you've read the entire description. And if you're new to Objective-C or the cocos2d framework, please don't reply to this project, because I need to get it done quickly.



Skills: Cocoa, iPad, iPhone, Objective C

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