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Update: I bid this out previously, but the previous developer didn't have the networking skills to complete the project.

I can provide a client (windows client), which allows you to send all of the individual messages and see the results (for testing before you have to write your code), but I don't have the source code for it, it's only made to send/receive packets with the messages the server provides.

Server Monitor (For a proprietary server)

Need to create a iPhone application which monitors a Server

The basic premise is for the iPhone application to accept a server name, and a username and password (saving this information locally), authenticates using this username and password to the windows web server (on the VM mentioned above), and additionally be able to capture more than one server, with a different login for each server.

When executed on the iPhone, the iPhone application would query each server (via SOAP protocol) and capture the jobs on each server, and the status of each job (Waiting, Warning, Executing or Failed, and next execution time)

View - Setup

A view to add multiple servers, and add a userID/Password for each server, also a test button to test that the server was correct, or an error

The error should indicate an unknown server, or a USerID/Password issue

View 1 - Multiple server results

When the results are displayed, it would display each server name, then below the server name, a count of each of the above conditions.

Also the capability to refresh individual servers, or all servers

When Querying each server, that server should indicate it's being refreshed so the user knows what's happening

View 2 - Server Details

If the user selects a server from View 1, this View would show

This view would show each individual job name and the status of each job, along with the last execution time and the next execution time (if it's scheduled)

There should be 2 methods to display groups of jobs:

Method 1 - By Schedule:

There should be 3 groups of jobs. 1 - Executing, 2 - Scheduled, 3 - Unscheduled

Within each of these groups, it should show the Error jobs first, and the waiting jobs last

Method 2 - By Results

There should be 3 groups of jobs 1 - Executing, 2 Failed, 3 Waiting

Within each of these 3 groups, it should be sorted by the next executing time (with the jobs not scheduled on the bottom)

Within View 2, each job should show the Status, the Last execution time and the next execution time, and also a 'Run, or Execute' button next to the job. Clicking on this button would send a message to the server to have that job executed.

When executed, there should be some confirmation by the iPhone application to re-verify with the server if the server started the job

There should also be a manual refresh button on the top of the View 2

An 'about' screen should be there with my logo, some additional text and a hyperlink to my website.

*additional behavior

If a user closes the application and they are at a server detail view, then application should re-open in that same server's view and re-query the server to refresh that view.

All of the programming must be in English with good commenting and standard programming methodologies (variables are normal variable names, etc). No 'hidden' or 'obfuscated' code.

I only have a 64 Bit virtual machine (VM Ware) to give to you which has the server component on it. You will need to be able to download it and run it on your system to develop the client for this server. (Windows Server)

I don't have exact code samples of sending the network packets and receiving them. -- This is where you will need to have the expertise! You may need to use Wireshark or something else to figure out the packets. The chm file shows there is a WSDL available. It's your best option to be able to connect to the server and download this and understand it yourself. (I can't help you with that, I don't have the skills)

Skills: iPhone, Objective C, Software Architecture

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