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Hey bud! I figured I'd get this started now and then we can make it official next week when I get paid and can deposit the money :). I also have a bunch of reference images to add, too! (I just put in a random "Days" number. It can be whatever makes sense for you).

Alright, let’s do this! Reverie Book 3 cover…

The front cover will follow the same general format of the ones that came before it. In the front left is a male elf. He has a slender face and his skin is a mix of beige and gray, the texture is a strange mix of flesh and metal and there are very subtle hints throughout the texture that he equal parts man and machine. His eyes are larger than normal, with red irises, and seem a bit more machine than the rest of him. He is bald except for a few short tufts of gray hair that stick out like flames, and look like a bit like metal wires or cables. His ears normally stick out about a foot (~30cm) from his head, but his has been blown off so you can only see the some of it. A hoop earring is hanging from his earlobe. His expression is mischievous. He’s not wearing a shirt or anything.

On the front left is a young woman, 17 years old, with messy, wild shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. Her expression is angry/determined. A long scar goes from above her eye down the side of her face/neck. She’s dressed in a wool shirt - medieval peasant’s clothes.

On the sides behind these two are two 17 year old boys, both wearing futuristic armor and holding large futuristic guns. The one behind the elf is pale with messy red hair. His weapon shoots fire and glows orange. It doesn’t have to be shooting fire here, but can be smoking or something. The one behind the girl is black with long dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail. His weapon glows blue (it is capable of shooting explosive blue orbs). Both seem to be standing in thick jungle. And even though their armor is futuristic, it also appears old and worn, etched in claw marks, and the pieces are mismatched.

This time the silhouettes in the middle are a young tall man in a bomber jacket with short messy hair on the left and a short hunched old woman in a shawl on the right. The man is holding the baby and he and the woman are both looking at it. They are moving into a bright white light.

In the background is more or less a breathtaking city that is made of iridescent crystals. This time the path leading to the silhouettes is a sparkling white staircase. On either side of the staircase is nothing. Just a void of swirling dark blues and purples and pinks and greens that get lighter as it moves upward.

In the sky throughout the background, and near the staircase are creatures that follow this description from the book…

“And in the sky were creatures that looked vaguely human, but were larger and more slender with skin that glistened like pearl, glided through the air smoothly and confidently on large, magnificent wings. Some wore crystal armor and others white togas. All held massive golden swords or axes or spears.”

The spine of the book is powder blue. The plant at the bottom has grown a bit larger and looks like it’s made of crystal

The back cover is a murky green liquid with a few bubbles, etc and in the middle of it, we can faintly see a blurry young man floating naked in the fetal position with long, curly hair. None of his features are really visible, but he’s the guy from the back right of the second cover. A few thick wires/cables are connected to his back.

Skills: Arts & Crafts, Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration, Painting, Visual Arts

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