iOS - iPhone / iPad educational app

iOS - iPad - iPhone Software

Platform: iOS - iPhone / iPad

Languages: English / Other

Kind of Software: Educational

Category: Kindergarten

Type: Multiple Choice

Description: We need a basic template to use for our educational program(s). We need the skeleton to use as a base of all educational materials that we have on hand (books).

Technical requirements:

1- Start up menu to have a place for:

a- animation / movie ( .mov , ... etc )

b- credits button

c- contact us button

d- option menu

e- scores menu

f- play button

g- help button

h- language selection.

i- exit button

2- The animation: is the place where we can place a little video as the start.

3- Credits menu: should be a place where we place information about us.

4- Contact us button: (clickable website link, telephone , e-mail links)

5- Option menu should include the Volume control for Background Music and Voice volume control. Also, should include the control for the brightness.

6- Scores menu will display the high scores for users played the game.

7- Play button, will start the game.

8- Help button should display a menu to use for explaining how to use this application.

9- Language selection should be chosen to choose the set of voices and texts stored in the application.

10- Exit button, is to exit the application (with confirmation (yes/no)).

11- VERY IMPORTANT: all text should be stored in a table/database/.ini/.xml like place to fetch and display in the application. This is due to the requirement of changing the language from the menu. The application might have 2 or more languages stored in it. So, we should only add the language files and the application would choose the selected language file (Text/Audio/Video) accordingly.

Application Behavior:

We will explain in words:

A kid starts the application.

Main Menu appears.

“Play” is clicked.

First user will be prompted for:

-He will be asked to enter his name.

-He will be asked to choose between Boy / Girl.

If a Boy is selected, Theme A should be selected. (i.e Blue Background/Voices of set-A)

If a Girl is selected, Theme B should be selected. (i.e Pink Background/Voices of set-B)

The game starts.

Menu appears for a little map(Photo).

Ten milestones to win the game.

Each milestone has 10 questions to answer.

Total game questions is set to 100.

At the beginning of each mile store there should be an animation file to play.

Questions start.

Each Question page should have:

(Menu theme... i.e. background color (Border color (Blue/Pink) as chosen earlier.

1- a place for the question.

2- a place for the answers (four answers to choose from).

3- a place for the menu / backgound music plays eith (on/off button)

4- a voice to be played (i.e. mp3). with replay button.

5- If the right answer is selected, a voice should be played. (With a picture to appear somewhere). Wrong answer will play Wrong-answer-set (mp3/video). Right answer will play Right-answer-set. If wrong answer is selected, chosen answer should be dimmed, and only the remaining should be available for selection. the same for the next answer. until the right answer is selected to go for the next question.

6-A video should be played after each question.

7- Scoring should be based on the right answers answered for the first time.

8-If the total right answers for the first time is less than 7, the user will not be able to complete the milestone to go for the next level.

9-This goes on until the end of milestones.

10-Total scores will be shown as the game goes on on the top or bottom of the application.

11-If the application is idle and the user is not touching the device, a voice (mp3/video) should be played to remind the user. This should go on every 5 minutes. after 15 minutes it should not remind as it is an indication for the users being busy or unavailable.

12-scores should be stored with names.

13-Multilingual is required as a button at the beginning of

This is a straight forward application, we hope it is clear for n

Skills: C++ Programming, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS, MySQL

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