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***GENERIC COPY/PASTE PROPOSALS WILL BE IGNORED*** Needing App Built for Reusable Cup Service.

I am hoping to have apps built that are supported across both iOS and Android to support the service. There will need to be 2 seperate apps, one app for the consumer, as well as one app for the service provider/support crew (similar to the way uber has both passenger and driver apps)

There will need to be a sophisticated QR code or barcode scanner/reader system embedded for asset management however there is no need for gps tracking or anything. As well as an automated payout system which is triggered by the scanning of the codes - which then credits the users in-app wallets. (explained further down)

The basic flow of the service will be as follows:

My service will supply cafes, coffee carts and restaurants with sturdy, reusable coffee cups.

1/ The shop owners will be charged a fee for the container.

2/ The shop owner then adds that fee to the customers orders.

3/ Once finished with cup, the customer returns the cup to a collection point.

4/ The cups are collected by my service, and the cup fee is then refunded to the customer who had it last - resulting in a cost neutral product for the customer and shop owner.

Each of the reusable coffee cups will have a barcode or QR code printed on them (generated externally at time of cup manufacture), each code is unique to that specific cup.

The cups will be supplied to shops across my city, instead of single use plastic or styrofoam cups.

Once the cup is in their possession, the customer will access the App on their phone and scan the code on that cup, which now links that cup to that customers app.

Once the customer is finished with that cup, they will return the cup by dropping it off at a collection bin located in my city.

The service provider/support crew will collect the used cups each day from these collection bins, and transport them to a cleaning/processing facility.

Once picked up, the cups special code will be scanned by the service provider/support crews version of the phone App - which will be able to read which customers account that cup was last connected to, and the system will then automatically credit the $2 deposit fee back to the credit/debit card linked to that customers App. (customer had payed the $2 cup deposit to the shop as part of their order at Point of Sale)

During this step, the system will also essentially reset that cups code to 'vacant', so the cycle can repeat. (so basically whenever a cup is scanned by the service provider version of the app, the system will automatically credit $2 to the payment method linked to the account that was last connected to that cup, and also reset that cup's code to an un-connected status ready for re-use)

The cups will then be sanitised, and redistributed to shops - then the cycle repeats.

The app will also need to have a page that shows participating cafes/vendors in a specific radius around the users current location, as well as a page showing drop off / collection points surrounding the users current location also. (essentially a map directory of vendors and collection sites/drop bins)

At this stage I am hoping to connect with a skilled freelancer or agency to discuss the feasibility of this project. I am currently piecing together a basic Sketch prototype of how I want the look and feel of the app to be and hopefully give more insight into the concept in case I'm not making sense!

I will share the example mockups of the app and flow with the freelancer who is successful in acquiring this project.

A freelancer who can focus solely on this project will take preference as I am wanting a finished product ready for beta testing.

I'm happy to have any possibly existing third party software/API used in the app for the different elements if that helps things along at all.

Hoping this makes sense and look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers, Mohi.

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