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Hello Freelancers! I've heard wonderful things about this website and about the intellectual individuals who work here. So I believe this is the perfect place to post what I'm searching for.

I am looking to hire someone to create a FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Web App AutoBuyer Program/Script. The application must be written in [url removed, login to view] will need it to refresh every second looking for current / new players auctions using a pre set configuration I.E I set a price and then it will buy for the prices that i set it to.

The Autobuyer should work for the Web App market of Fifa 12 which is located here: [url removed, login to view]

Some requirements (hopefully this makes what I'm looking for more clear for you guys ):

1) Must be able to search for multiple Player/Misc. items at the same time on a constant search (every second) for all Players/Misc. items that I add to the Autobuyer.

2) Must be able to allow me to put a specific max price for each Player/Misc ID and anytime those multiple item goes up on the market and it's below my max price for that item this item will get bought.

3) Must be able to allow me to add new Player ID's to the database.

4) Must be able to allow me to enter my Fifa 12 log in details. Basically everything must be configurable.

5) Must run through proxies

6) Other requirements that I will let you know through a Private Message if you interested.

Example of what the Program should do:

The program/script will search the 'Development' section of Fifa 12's Web App Market using the following section Filters (Gold, Contracts)

It will then have a set price to look for Max Buy Now price (250). It will also contain the 2 different parameter types (Resource ID's) of contracts you can buy, for example A Normal Gold Contract is Rated 80 and a Rare Contract is Level 90. As it refreshes every second it will also need to do the follow up actions within a second interval also in order to get there quicker than anyone else.

* The Source Code As Well As The Compiled Working Version Will Be Required To Be Sent To Me Upon Payment.

This is non Negotiable *

This application must be user friendly.

Also if you need an account to create this application don't hesitate to ask!

Additional Info:

The old way of getting resource ID is now obsolete. In order to obtain the new resource ID you have to do much digging through the web app in order to get it. When this application is finished I want to also receive a database type application that will have a list of every player resource ID in the game. It MUST also have a refresh button so I can get the resource ID of the new players released every week. This IS HIGHLY important! The database should be user friendly. This database MUST be written in Java as well. You can look at this website to see how someone created an online database you can probably get some tips on how to make this application. Link-[url removed, login to view]

The database should list the players in something like this


Name-Rating-Resource ID

Lionel Messi-95-123456789

Please contact me if you need more details or clarifications about this project.

If both applications are up to my standard of liking, I might be interested in your service for next year, Fifa 13 release.

If possible please PM me examples of Programs similar to this that you have done in the past.

Happy Bidding.

Skills: Java, Javascript

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