Mobile/Java Time Card/Expense reporting application

Project involve developing a simple and easy to use GPRS capable Java (or popular cellphone application development platform) application for cellphones supporting Symbian and Windows Mobile OS (and more if possible).

People having experience in GUI, usability & Navigation for cellphone applications may only quote. Just knowing to do programming is not enough for this project.

This java application will have 3 parts.

- Time Card/job card entry module: Employee will report his IN/OUT, Breaks, Jobs start/end time using their cellphones

- Expense Reporting: Employees will report their expences like travel expense etc. using this. Please read about expense reporting module as available in many payroll/time attendance software

- Task/Ticket management: Employees can see Tasks/Tickets assigned to them on the web based system ticket/task system (not part of this development) and can change task/ticket status or update comments etc. learn about standard ticket management systems.

This application will connect to the web server to synchronize data.

All information exchange shall be in XML.

- It should be possible to automatically update the Java software from the web server in case of new server.

- We are looking for options where the process flow, options in the Java software can be easily updated by the web server.

- Java software shall also work even if the GPRS connectivity is not available. in such case it should save data locally and update later when GPRS is available.

- It will be great if you use some very good stable Mobile/Cellphone development platform that will ensure that your application can support large number of handsets.

- It will be useful if platform or application has other features that are useful to small businesses..

- If the budget here is not suitable then quote separately in PM

I would like to provide reference systems as many bidders asked for more detailed specs: this will give details of all the interfaces/features that will be accessed on the Mobile/cellphone.. It has time, expense and task/job related interfaces.

On the backend there will be a software like clicktime that will exchange data with the cellphone application via xml.

Obviously the cellphone will only have forms and interfaces that an employee needs to access. Administrative and detailed reporting interfaces will not be there on the cellphone though employee can see his own reports.

The issues:
- GPRS connectivity is not assured all the time, hence we cannot depend on accessing the web page son the browser only. Hence the cellphone software will save information and wait for GPRS connectivity to be established, if unsuccessful it will send it via SMS.

- Optionally if the small software (like java/windows) developed for the cellphone can also run on desktop computer, then it will be better.

I would like you to also suggest the platform you will use for this software, what cellphones/mobile devices you will support and why this platform is better.

I believe that the budget of this project is not sufficient for the developers to provide me what I need but i would like to explore following:

- I think there might exist some opensource software for mobile platforms that cna meet my requirements and we can buy an then configure/modify it to meet our requirements within this budget.

- I also think there are platforms (if not ready software) that have many libraries and programs available for business applications. e.g. there have been many platforms that allow accessing business applications on the PDAs since many years. such appliacations have complete framework of XML data exchange, storage, dynamic forms and even applications like time cards and helpdesk etc. are common. SOme such platfomrs are open source.

I like to explore if developers here can suggest me some ready software/framework that might meet our requirement and they can customize, install and train us on it withing this budget..

Our requirements is to allow employees to fill time cards, response on help desk (task management) and do expense reporting using Mobile devices.

Skills: Java, JSP, Mobile App Development, Wireless

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