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Java Simulation Queue


Shop is open to its customers all week from 0800 to 1800. On a typical day between 200 and 400 customers arrive at the cashiers’ tills for payments and each customer spends 4 minutes at the till. The number of donors arriving at the tills varies between 60 and 80 per day and they tend to take longer and spend 6 minutes at the till. The management is prepared to deploy 5 cashiers and wishes to understand how the queue lengths will grow and shrink.


Develop an application in Java to simulate the queuing system that will help the shop management to decide on the number of cashiers needed. In particular the queue length for each till must be simulated and graphically displayed.

You are expected to select proper programming constructs and suitable data structures in implementing your solution. The arrival of customers and donors is to be modelled as a random process operating within the given limits. An appropriate scale factor for time may be chosen in running the simulation.


1. This is not a simulation in real time.

2. This simulation does not model the time spent by shoppers in the shop before coming to the cashiers.

This has to be done using the Java Swing component

Skills: Java

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