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Phase 1: Using the [url removed, login to view] API at [url removed, login to view], I am building a small web application that allows users to log in, browse, select artists, create playlists and play music.

Phase 2: Add support for events, and the other features in the API on that page.

This is NOT a regular web page. It is a small web application running in a small window up to 600x600px, which will host just ONE actual local page, which is fully controlled and operated via pure CSS 3.0, HTML 5, and Ajax (to the API). All screen transitions needs to happen with CSS 3.0 manipulation, and there needs to be a super cool but usetul graphic design (If you can't design, I might be able to outsource this elsewhere, as long as you can code and are an expert in CSS 3.0 and javascript). Preferable I want to use Mootools and/or Javascript to design it.

Total 'screens' will be around 4-6 for phase 1 (user login, browse music, album/track info, play music, playlists). This may go up or down a little, I'm still developing the concept. You would code everything (including the AJAX interface to [url removed, login to view], which look rather easy). If needed, I can add some of the hover effects myself at the end in CSS 3.0. Some combinations of you doing all the work, and me doing some of it can be agreed on (I can do all this, I just don't have time).

I am interested in a quote for this work, given the estimated work listed above. There is NO backend server to connect with (Just [url removed, login to view] api), and the whole project should take around 1.5-2 weeks from start to finish if you know what you're doing. My last similar project took 2 weeks, and I didn't know javascript!

Note: There is NO need for backwards compatibility with old browser, this is running 100% on pure Chromium. Everyone smile now!

Attached are some screen shots that illustrates the KIND OF interface I'm after, examples of similar work. As you can see, small web applications, with lots of cool graphics and what you can see are all the smooth transitions and little details when interacting with them. More on all that after we agree on quote.

If this works out well, I expect to have lots more work like this on an ongoing basis, but first I need to find someone I trust that can deliver great work on a timely basis. So this is a test-project...

============================== CHANGE OF PLANS ===============================
Please disregard all of the above !

We need to change this project from music to Craigslist. All quotes from before August 4th will be disregarded, please re-submit new quotes. Sorry about that.

Develop a web application (As described above in general terms) for a 600x600 javascript CSS 3.0 driven page. Because Craigslist does not have an API, the data comes from screenscraping and RSS feeds, which others have done before.

1. User can search Craigslist for items
- We do search in background javascript and scrape results to present to user
2. User can add 'alarms' looking for specific items, such as "Couchin San Dieog priced between $200 and $250". When couches that match this are listed, I have a way to show an alarm and notify the user. The code would check for the predefined alarms every X hours (Configurable).
3. Browsing. User should be able to select cities, then categories, and so on and dig down through results. Clever caching would be needed, all in the client Javascript. It's not hard, I know how to do it.

So the screens needed are:
- Search screen with results
- Detailed results (can have images)
- Alarm creation (Simple list)
- State of alarms to indicate which ones are active, pause and have been triggered. This would lead to a screen for a detailed result.

About 4-5 screens total, the most difficult being the screen-scraping, but the HTML is pretty easy for Craigslist and I don't expect major issues. A logo would also be needed.

The design should be beautiful, cool, very very very user friendly, and look professional. I need to approve all design decisions, but I do need you to create the design.

This needs to be done in the next 2-3 weeks.

Sorry about the change, but the API did not meet all our requirements on further investigation. Please re-submit your bids.

Skills: AJAX, CSS, Graphic Design, Javascript, Logo Design

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