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We are a young enterprise UK group (at school) looking for an experienced coder and animator to help us out with our project. We are aiming to create a game app for the Android Market. We want our project finished by December if possible. We have a very small budget as we are a little company. When we start making a decent profit we will give you credit and some profit. In this description we are going to describe how we want the game to look and how to play the game. We don’t mind if you adapt our idea in anyway

The first display on the screen is going to be an animation for the title (a hand chopping a piece of wood and when the piece of wood breaks the title for the game will be displayed in the middle of the piece of wood – [game title]. You will not be able to skip this animation for the title.

After the animation has finished it will go to the title screen containing the options ‘start’, ‘options’ and ‘instructions.’ The title text is going to be for everyone and in a cartoon style and to be easy to understand and have a yellow background.

When ‘instructions’ has been selected it will display the instructions for the game – The idea of the game is to chop a number of materials starting from glass and working your way up to the increasingly difficult levels when you attempt to chop diamonds. You tap to stop the gauge; ideally in the green part of the gauge. If you stop it on the red part of the gauge you have hit the material too hard the screen will display an animation of you breaking your hand and fail to successfully break the material. If you stop the gauge in the blue section you have hit the material too lightly and also cause you to fail.

If you stop the gauge in one of these areas, you must retry the level until you get the perfect chop. Once you have ‘chopped’ the material the next level will load. There will be three animations for ‘chopping’ the material—one for when you’ve chopped the material too hard, one for too weak a chop and another for a perfect chop. The colour scheme for this application is going to be yellow text and varied backgrounds. When you click the ‘start’ option there is a simple tutorial showing how to play the game.

The materials will change in chapters – there are 10 levels in each of the five chapters each getting slightly harder. The green area will decrease in size, the gauge will move around the screen, horizontally and vertically, and the line in the gauge will increase in speed. Here is a list of the chapters we would like in our application:

Tutorial – Tutorial (This will not be shown again only once) – Chop paper – Tutorial difficulty – Plain white background – This will be displayed behind the gauge when you’re deciding the power of how you hit the material.

Chapter 1 –The House of Mirrors – Chop glass – Very Easy – Image of a cartoon style house of mirrors – Displayed behind the gauge…

Chapter 2 - The forest – Chop wood – Difficulty - Easy – Image of a cartoon style forest – Displayed behind the gauge…

Chapter 3 – The Street – Chop concrete – Difficulty - Medium – Image of a cartoon style street – Displayed behind the gauge…

Chapter 4 – The factory – Chop steel – Difficulty - Hard – Image of a cartoon style factory – Displayed behind the gauge…

Chapter 5 – The mine – Chop diamonds – Difficulty - Very hard – Image of a cartoon style mine – Displayed behind the gauge…

Thank you for your time for reading this specification

Skills: Android, Animation, Javascript, Mobile App Development

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