Javascript/AJAX lightbox search form w/ Magento integration

This project is to be used in a Magento site. But the main thing that I am after is a visually attractive search box that pops up in a lightbox. I note that this is not really Magento specific.


In most magento themes there is a search box, usually in the header area. By default this searches the store (google: search_mini_form). I have a number of requirements, all related to this search. I would request that you use a generic free magento theme with sample data, to communicate milestones.

Requirement 1): We should be able to add your work using a clearly defined instruction page. So if we upgrade, change server, decide to start from scratch, we should be able to follow your steps to get the modifications back on to the new store. Also, we should be able to reapply the same instructions if Magento is upgraded. I would prefer if you could do this without modifying any installation files. If it can be done in local subdirectory rather than core, it would be ideal. Unless pre-agreed, I should own the code. I have no intention of selling it on. But I don’t want it to be used elsewhere and I want to be able to use it in as many of my stores as I like.

Requirement 2): I want to use the following live search extension: [url removed, login to view] We do not require you to purchase this on our behalf. But whatever modifications you make should not affect this extension. Also, the work done on this project should not be linked to this extension (it should work with or without).

Requirment 3): Instead of running the standard code:

[url removed, login to view]('search_mini_form', 'search', 'Search...');

I would like to post the variable containing the search text to a new static landing-page, created using Admin -> Manage Pages -> Static Block.

Requirement 4) The aforementioned static block. I would need you to show some basic message passing results between the search and the static landing page. The posted variable(s) will be processed by some custom php code that I will write. As I am new to including custom php code in Magento, I will require you to include a basic php script that is run from the landing page you create, with the search variables.

My understanding of how it is done described: [url removed, login to view]

I will provide the exact php code to be run in the static landing page in detail later, but as an example it will be something like:


include "myvariables.php";

include "myfunctions.php";

if ($x) {





Requirement 5): THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIRMENT: In (or next to) the search box, I would like to have an icon or link that results in a lightbox popup. That lightbox panel should contain an advanced search form. There are many examples on the web of what I am talking about. Here is one example, [url removed, login to view]

The advanced search form should be populated according to a data structure and some dynamic code.

For example, consider data structure tree like this: MainCat -> MainSubCat->SubCatSearchOptions.

Then for example we might define:

MainCat = {Electronics, Furniture };

SubCat[Electronics] = {Cell Phones, Cameras, Computers };

SubCat[Furniture] = {Living Room, Bedroom };

SubCatSearchOptions [Cell Phones]= { IsLocked:List, Colour , Weight, Price };

SubCatSearchOptions [Cameras]= { Megapixels, Colour , Weight, Price };

SubCatSearchOptions [Computers]= { CPU, Colour, Weight, Price };

SubCatSearchOptions [Living Room]= {Brand, Colour, Weight, Price };

SubCatSearchOptions [Bedroom]= { BedOrDresser, Weight, Price };

I have described how I would like the advanced search form (in lightbox) to appear as concepts in the attachment. If I had more time, I would play around at using an XML data structure and then dynamically generating te form from the XML file. See: [url removed, login to view]

Or [url removed, login to view]

I guess thats it. In summary, the skills you would need are:

1) Good Javascript/AJAX knowledge and some Magento knowledge.

2) Must be able to generate a lightbox and then

a. Add an exploding dropdown javascript menu to it (see attachment)

b. Be able to redraw the light box with a form (AJAX)

c. Dynamically generate that form based on the defined data structure for the given selection from the exploding dropdown menu.

(Ideally you would also)

3) Be able to modify Magento search button and the result of lightbox search to go to a static block landing page

4) Be able to include PHP in static block to process posted variables.

If you have knowledge of only a part of this (Say the Magento part or the Javascript part). Please bid and describe what your proposing to solve. That is I am prepared to break the project up into parts.

I can take a punt on inexperienced developers who could take payment on proving the solution (on completion). Otherwise, please demonstrate that you can complete this with your portfolio etc.

Skills: AJAX, Javascript, JSP, Magento, XML

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