Applescript (Automator) - fix 'The variable input is not defined'

Had a working Apple Script that now shows a 'The variable input is not defined' error when running it. The script is below, which simply folders files by date and year.


on run {input, parameters}


make new folders from file creation dates (if needed), then move document files into their respective new folders

if no container is specified (missing value), the new folder will be created in the containing folder of the item

if the container is not a valid path (and not missing value), one will be asked for

input: a list of Finder items (aliases) to move

output: a list of the Finder items (aliases) moved


set output to {}

set SkippedItems to {} -- this will be a list of skipped items (errors)

set TheContainer to "" -- a Finder path to a destination folder, or missing value for the source folder

if TheContainer is not missing value then try -- check the destination path

TheContainer as alias

on error

set TheContainer to (choose folder with prompt "Where do you want to move the items?")

end try

tell application "Finder" to repeat with AnItem in the input -- step through each item in the input

if TheContainer is not missing value then -- move to the specified folder

set {class:TheClass, name:TheName, name extension:TheExtension} to item AnItem

else -- move to the source folder

set {class:TheClass, name:TheName, name extension:TheExtension, container:TheContainer} to item AnItem

end if

if TheClass is document file then try -- just documents

set TheDate to text 1 thru 7 of (creation date of AnItem as «class isot» as string) -- YYYY--MM

try -- check if the target folder exists

get ("" & TheContainer & TheDate) as alias

on error -- make a new folder

make new folder at TheContainer with properties {name:TheDate}

end try

-- duplicate AnItem to the result

move AnItem to the result

set the end of output to (result as alias) -- the new file alias

on error -- permissions, etc

-- set the end of SkippedItems to (AnItem as text) -- the full path

set the end of SkippedItems to TheName -- just the name

end try

end repeat

ShowSkippedAlert for SkippedItems

return the output -- pass the result(s) to the next action

end run

to ShowSkippedAlert for SkippedItems


show an alert dialog for any items skipped, with the option to cancel the workflw

parameters - SkippedItems [list]: the items skipped

returns nothing


return input

end ShowSkippedAlert


Skills: Mac OS

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