Presdiential Research 2 (Project for estrickland)

12. Candidate's position on balancing Libierties and Secuirty?

• Civil liberties should not be compromised.

• THe prevention of tragedies like 9/11 is more important than the individua liberty.

• A little of both of the above positions.

13. Candidate's position on Marijuana Prohibition?

• Not prohibit marijuana possession and use as each person should control his life.

• Prohibit Marijuana as it is dangerous.

• Allow Marijuan only when prescribed by doctor.

14. Candidate's position on Gun Control

• Allow people to carry guns without restriction.

• REsctrtct gun usage even further.

• Keep the current laws.

15. Candidate's position on Regulstaitng the Internt

• Do not let the government intefer with what people do and say on the internet.

• The government should have an oversight on what people are doing on the net.

• The govermnet should only under exceptional circumstances be able to interfer with internet neutralità.

16. Candidate's position on Gay and Lesbian Issues

• Homosexuality is evil.

• A persons sexuality is his/her free choice. The state should not care about it.

• The government is supposed to support families and homosexuals cannot have families thus they should not be supported.

17. Candidate's position on HOmesxual Union

• There should be a consittuational amendment allowing prohibiting gay marriages.

• Gay marriages or civila unions are ok as it is the choice of the individual.

• Each state should prohibit gay marriages but it is not correct to make a constitutation ammendamtn telling states what to do.

18. Candidate's position on Abortion

• Prolife

• ProChoice

• Allow abprotion up to a certain stage and under certain conditions.

19. Candidate's position on Oil Drilling in Alaska

• Support

• Oppose

• Balance environmental decstution with energy independence. Decide based on the facts at hand.

20. Candidate's position on Kyoto Protocol

• Support

• Oppose

• Balance envormnemtal desctiruo with economics costs. Decide based on the fact at hand.

21. Candidate's position on Legal Immigration

• Be more open to immigration

• Restrict legal immigration more.

• Differentiate between immigrants who are skilled and those that are unskilled.

22. Candidate's position on Illegal Immigration

• Do not reward illegal acts by giving residency.

• Be lenient with illegal immigrants as they immigrate for reasons, usually they are very badly off in their home country.

• Consider the case and give amnesty in certain expection circumstances.

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