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2008 presidential race: research the candidates position

Presidential candidate research


Find out where 10 candidates of the US 2008 presidential election stand on 22 issues. You need to place each of the 10 candidates into one of the 3 categories for each of the 22 issue.

The 10 candidates to be analysed are:

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

John Edwards

Joe Biden

Dennis Kuchinic

Rudy Giallini

Mitt Romney

John MCCain

Ron Paul

Mike Hukabee

22 issues to Compare the Presidential Candidates

1. Candidate's position on Redistribution

• Give everybody opportunities to help themselves by keeping taxes low rather than redistribute wealth.

• The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, so take something form the rich and give it to the poor.

• A little of both of the above positions.

2. Candidate's position on Public Education

• Education should be supported but let people choose the school they want to go to by giving them school vouchers.

• Make pulic schools better so that even students from poor background can attend good schools.

• A little of both of the above positions.

3. Candidate's position on Social Security

• Social security is an important safety net for the whole society and should be better funded.

• Social security by the govemrnemt is inefficient. It is better to privatize it.

• A little of both of the above positions.

4. Candidate's position on Free Trade vs Protectionism

• Free trade is good as it increases the welfare of all participants.

• Trade should be rtegulsted in order to keep jobs in the US.

• A little of both of the above positions.

5. Candidate's position on the Deficit?

• Deficit should be reduced even if that means redcuign important spending or rasing taxes.

• Deficit is better than raising taxes and reducing necessary sepdining.

• DEfrciti is ok in the short term but in the long term there should be a balanced budget.

6. Candidate's position on Labor Laws?

• Employers and employees should have the freedom in enter into the contract they negotiatie.

• The govenermnt should regulated emplyemtn contract because the employee is usually in a weaker situation. Thus free negotiaotn would lead to unfair contracts.

• Current Legislation is enough there does not need to be more but current legistlation is required to pretect employees.

7. Candidate's position on Minimum Wage?

• Aboloish minimu wage.

• Increase minim wage.

• Keep minimum wage as it is.

8. Candidate's position on Health Care?

• Privatize health care.

• FUnde helath care better to allow a universal good health care.

• Do not increase public health care spending but come up with new approaches to make it better fro everybody.

9. Candidate's position on the War in Iraq

• Opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning.

• Want no premature withdrawel in Iraq.

• Supports war effort but wants to bring troops home soon.

10. Candidate's position on Interventions in Foreign Countries

• dont mess up things in other countries then other coutnries will be less likely to attack the US.

• invade foreign countries while you can to keep evil forces down so that they are less likely to atack the US.

• A little of both of the above positions.

11. Candidate's position on need for Military Force

• Always negoziate. Use force only when other are using force against you.

• If you do not attack negotiation will not be efficve as the others area only willing to ngitioatn if they feel conqunces of not doign so.

• A little of both of the above positions.

12. Candidate's position on balancing Libierties and Secuirty?

• Civil liberties should not be compromised.

• THe prevention of tragedies like 9/11 is more important than the individua liberty.

• A little of both of the above positions.

13. Candidate's position on Marijuana Prohibition?

• Not prohibit marijuana possession and use as each person should control his life.

• Prohibit Marijuana as it is dangerous.

• Allow Marijuan only when prescribed by doctor.

14. Candidate's position on Gun Control

• Allow people to carry guns without restriction.

• REsctrtct gun usage even further.

• Keep the current laws.

15. Candidate's position on Regulstaitng the Internt

• Do not let the government intefer with what people do and say on the internet.

• The government should have an oversight on what people are doing on the net.

• The govermnet should only under exceptional circumstances be able to interfer with internet neutralità.

16. Candidate's position on Gay and Lesbian Issues

• Homosexuality is evil.

• A persons sexuality is his/her free choice. The state should not care about it.

• The government is supposed to support families and homosexuals cannot have families thus they should not be supported.

17. Candidate's position on HOmesxual Union

• There should be a consittuational amendment allowing prohibiting gay marriages.

• Gay marriages or civila unions are ok as it is the choice of the individual.

• Each state should prohibit gay marriages but it is not correct to make a constitutation ammendamtn telling states what to do.

18. Candidate's position on Abortion

• Prolife

• ProChoice

• Allow abprotion up to a certain stage and under certain conditions.

19. Candidate's position on Oil Drilling in Alaska

• Support

• Oppose

• Balance environmental decstution with energy independence. Decide based on the facts at hand.

20. Candidate's position on Kyoto Protocol

• Support

• Oppose

• Balance envormnemtal desctiruo with economics costs. Decide based on the fact at hand.

21. Candidate's position on Legal Immigration

• Be more open to immigration

• Restrict legal immigration more.

• Differentiate between immigrants who are skilled and those that are unskilled.

22. Candidate's position on Illegal Immigration

• Do not reward illegal acts by giving residency.

• Be lenient with illegal immigrants as they immigrate for reasons, usually they are very badly off in their home country.

• Consider the case and give amnesty in certain expection circumstances.

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