Druapl pro wanted with api for apps experience - start tonight

#1 refer to budget I simply will not pay more than that for this project. it really is fairly simple.

However if i find your work well documented/commented/coded, and if I find the work you provide to be of high quality, and within the time alloted, and of course fairly priced then i normally will pay a reasonable bonus for a job well done.

!!! I need a drupal professional as that is the majority of the work.

also you should have experience in both native ios and android .The apps will simply integrate the mobile devices camera into the process of upload to the server which as noted above will then encode distribute all handled via drupal.

Section 1 On Server

we will be using drupal as it performs well with apps

as mobile uploader we have one that works great so you will need to tie it into ffmpeg and drupal for output

File will be qued as needed

Will will be sent into ffmpeg

Ffmpeg will out put the above formats in multiple quality selection of 360p 480p 720p 1080p (720p) by default player size is to be 640px by 360px with thumbnail image for poster image

And will save into a templated player

Which will show the clients logo with the html5 player [url removed, login to view] with the social share plugin multiple selector quality plugin as noted their will be multiple clients each having their own logo info etc. each client having their own user base.

Multiple quality selector

Video is stored admin admin + client and user UI tagged with submitted userid date etc. + delete button link to view link to download see current /clients (archives)

email is sent to client Video is stored in client UI

email will contain

1. link to view on a templated html5 player

2. link to download

3. User id

4. User comments

this will be sent to user(uploader) and client(receiver)

A. Integrate this into the current cms would require

Current user hereforth renamed client have ability to add users of relation only to them

This is for assignment of the unique key =’s above clients unique id

And clients ability to register and assign a user id


super admin sitemanager



Super admin can do everything ofcourse

Clients should have ability to list/add/delete user submissions

Users will have ability to manage their submissions as well

Section 2 the apps

both apps must be marketplace compliant and be submitted for download from android and ios marketplaces

the apps will basically

on intial open after the User Downloads App rom the marketplace ios/google

on app launch user is prompted to enter a unique key this key being provided by your client, (see client module cms) this key will be entered in password submission form i.e. "enter key , re-enter key" elimiates most keystorke/fat finger errors. This will also be editable by the user. via chage link

this will be provided to them by on cms on the server in email when they register

the app will open camera for submitting a photo or a video

(all typical camera goodies should be incorporated)

user will click a prepare photo/video button this will open their camera this will begin recording a video on their device, user will have normal camera controls i.e. stop button, when stop is clicked it will save the video as normal to their phone, it will then open enter details box whereas user can enter a video title and description.

User will click submit button upon submission

once video is tagged with above the user will have the following options

- submit to client see provided doc

- share via faebook see provided doc

- share via text see provided doc

- share via email see provided doc

* you will only see "provided doc" if i think your capable of doing this build.. :) however in summary after submitted

Send the file to the server

do not bid unless you are 100% sure you understand the requirements clearly.... drupal and ffmpeg are currently installed for you as well as a handful of the basic needed modules , you will need to setup the admin/client/user permissions and structure as outlined below you will most likely need to install a few more modules this is why we need a drupal expert who has experience in setting up drupal to play well with ios/android apps

then will need to add the uploader tool and tie it together with ffmpeg and video.js

then you need to build the apps ios and android accordingly

the apps need to be built with their respective current fameworks and within the current ios/android guidelines for distribution

you will need to be experienced in drupal-video.js-ffmpeg-uploaders-ios-android

this is not a beginers project..... :) we have not time to waste on someone who has to learn any of the above skills you must be proficent already in all aspects to be considered, basically if you have to go google any of the above things this project isnt for you.

Note we already have a system in place that pretty much does the same thing it is flashed based and a lot more complex this build is basically a 100% mobile compliant version of what we already have, so you can look at what we have already done and reuse bits of the sytem such as the templating system video.js configuration ffmpeg etc. as a example as weve already written the converter.php file etc to work on our server it would save you alot of time simply cloning our current process and manipulating it to fit this current build, we also have a 100% mobile compatiable uploader installed that you will be reusing, weve done as much as we can for you and need a real pro to tie it all together. And weave the concept into a nice UI all packaged underneath drupal.

Skills: Android, Drupal, HTML5, iPhone, Mobile App Development

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