Finish Custom resource scheduler - saves to mysql db

Please read entire requirements before bidding.

Time is a major factor in this project, be prepared to complete the project in the quoted number of days - or have a good reason on why you need an extension!

You will be working off of a project which is already started. I am a developer and will work with you as you need and will explain how I expect things to be created.

I am building a software which requires a customized scheduling control MUST BE IN VB.NET for Winforms and data will be saved remotely to a mysql database.

current build .net 4.5 I am using visual basic 2013

I have the design, and basic structure completed, I have code stated which you are welcome to work off of.

There will be multiple functions required (add resource, remove resource, etc)

this will be a drag and drop scheduling control which will accept an id from a listview and retrieve the remaining data from a mysql database using the id.

it will be able to manage scheduling multiple appointments for the same time to any resource including scheduling multiple appointments to the same resource at any given time (even if multiple appointments are scheduled for the same exact time).

More information will be given upon acceptance of bid to help you understand what is needed.

This Scheduling control is going to be for an Ambulance Dispatching Software I am designing, it will allow scheduling of multiple resources (units) of different care levels which will be differentiated by colors. This software will interact with a MySql database which has already been set up, I will take your requests regarding this database into consideration and implementation as you request as long as it does not substantually interfere with the code that has already been set in place. The Schedule timeline should be top to bottom as you will see in the included file.

I am requesting the design of the background/dispatch pane appear very similar or identical to how it does now. I do not care what method this project is completed in as long as it functions properly and as requested. some code comments / documentation should be included in your code as appropriate. the dispatcher should be able to scroll up to see what the truck has already done during their shift and scroll down to see what has been scheduled for later in the shift. Multiple calls should be able to be scheduled on a truck, even if the times interfere. There are some code segments I will ask for you to leave incomplete for me to fill in to integrate properly (these will be specified). Calls must be able to be dragged from one truck to another. Every call/appointment on the board will have to have a menu on rightclick, each of which will have the same options which I will create external functions to handle. Units should have a scheduled start and end time and the scheduler should notify the user if a call is being assigned which starts at the same time or after the scheduled off time for the unit to confirm whether the call should be scheduled to that truck. The scheduler will need to check the mysql database frequently to verify it has not changed and if it has it will need to update the schedule accordingly as more than one user may be dispatching on different computers

Functions that will need to be included:

unassign - this should unassign a call from a unit

unavail - this should create a call box that states the unit is unavailable

More as determined based off code

Requirement: Strong Command of English Language, Strong understanding of and the .net framework in general

The visual design aspect of this job is very important to this project.

If you are interested in continued work on this same control later on it will be available!

Attached are some images to help you understand the software:

Best Explanation of the job:

I am developing an ambulance dispatching software which is complete except for the actual scheduling board; the project above is to finish making the scheduling board
ok so I use a mysql database to keep all project resources (to allow multiple dispatchers to work as one)
The units are in one table including information such as shift identifier, truck number, crew members, and time started time ended
so the first problem I have actually dealt with in the software I provided as a start
I already have a select statement which pulls data and creates (up to 15) truck fields as columns and puts their shift identifier in a label at the top
on the left I have Times - starting with This hour moving up 4 additional hours (which can be scrolled forward or backward)
I have a separate table which contains "calls" which contains every time associated with it
I have added a drag and drop to this which will take the data dragged from a listview and use it to populate labels (to allow ease of background colors, shapes, text, and size)
There are 4 major problems which are about all this job consists of:
1: making the labels show up next to the correct time column based off their scheduled pickup time and making them move (or disappear all together) when you scroll through the times
2: every time I update the window it blinks - (to keep the data as up to date as possible I had it refreshing the database every 5 seconds)
3: moving calls between units (in other words the call was accidentally assigned to the wrong unit and I need to drag it from the wrong unit to the right unit)
4: when there are interfering times I wanted the scheduled boxes to become smaller (so the times were always reflected accurately by the label box)

Skills: .NET, MySQL, Visual Basic

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