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MySql complex query

I have this query: SELECT DISTINCT Student.Last_Name as lname, Student.First_Name as fname,

Student_Service_Header.header_id as hid, Student_Service_Header.pract_id as pid,

upd, Student_Service_Header.medicaid_id as medid,

Student_Service_Header.service_area as svcarea, sub,

Student_Service_Header.district_id as did,

Practitioner.first_name as practfn, Practitioner.last_name as practln,

[url removed, login to view] as acct, transdt,

Student_Service_Header.QC_status as sts, Student_Service_Header.QC_comment as cmt,

District.district_name as dname

FROM Student

JOIN Student_Service_Header ON Student.medicaid_id = Student_Service_Header.medicaid_id and Student.district_id = Student_Service_Header.district_id

JOIN vw_Service_Details ON Student_Service_Header.header_id = vw_Service_Details.header_id

JOIN Practitioner ON Student_Service_Header.pract_id = Practitioner.pract_id

JOIN District ON Student_Service_Header.district_id = District.district_id

WHERE [url removed, login to view] = (select account from Practitioner where pract_id = '$pract_id') $sqlqual and

(minDOS is null OR (minDOS < (select end_date from School_Year where year_id = '$year') AND minDOS >= (select start_date from School_Year where year_id = '$year')) OR (maxDOS < (select end_date from School_Year where year_id = '$year') AND maxDOS >= (select start_date from School_Year where year_id = '$year')))

order by sub, lname, fname, hid desc

As the database has grown, it has become exceeding slow. I have discovered that one of the views I am using runs in 4 seconds when I just run the query, but the view that runs the same query is taking 11 seconds. I would like to incorporate the functionality from the view into the query, and am looking for help. The vs_Service_Details does this:

select `vw_Details`.`header_id` AS `header_id`,max(`vw_Details`.`lastupd`) AS `upd`,max(`vw_Details`.`transferdt`) AS `transdt`,max(`vw_Details`.`submit`) AS `sub`,max(`vw_Details`.`DOS`) AS `maxDOS`,min(`vw_Details`.`DOS`) AS `minDOS` from `vw_Details` group by `vw_Details`.`header_id`

And, the vw_Details does this:

select `Student_Service`.`header_id` AS `header_id`,str_to_date(`Student_Service`.`date_of_service`,_utf8'%m/%d/%Y') AS `DOS`,date_format(`Student_Service`.`last_update`,_utf8'%m/%d/%Y') AS `lastupd`,`Student_Service`.`transfer_date` AS `transferdt`,`Student_Service`.`submit_yn` AS `submit` from `Student_Service` union select `Student_Service_PCAR`.`header_id` AS `header_id`,str_to_date(`Student_Service_PCAR`.`date_of_service`,_utf8'%m/%d/%Y') AS `DOS`,date_format(`Student_Service_PCAR`.`last_update`,_utf8'%m/%d/%Y') AS `lastupd`,`Student_Service_PCAR`.`transfer_date` AS `transferdt`,`Student_Service_PCAR`.`submit_yn` AS `submit` from `Student_Service_PCAR`

I need this to be optimized as a single query to run as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Skills: MySQL

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