css design expert with .net - long term relationship

Hello css experts,

-> What am I looking for?

I am looking for a long term relationship with a CSS design professional, highly experienced in designing and coding extremly advanced pages.

Design sensibility and consideration for all very small details is mandatory - I am not just looking for a coder, but someone with a very good insight on design.

I look this provider to work with me in a close partnership on a regularly basis for the projects I have with my customers.

-> What are you required?

1) Be a full time freelancer or a company working in full time to this activity.

2) Be extremely experienced in using HTML and CSS.

3) Use extensive HTML and CSS knowledge.

4) Be able to do whatever it is possible to do with CSS.

5) Communicate DAILY the status of any work you are doing.

6) Have VOICE and WEB CAM conference capabilities using SKYPE, this includes having a fast enough Internet connection to support the conference without breaks.

7) Have some basic understanding of .Net pages.

8) Have Visual Studio 2008.

Although I am not looking for a .Net developer, you need to understand the .Net objects basics since most of my pages are developed in .Net – this means that you may need to add a validator extender, build masterpages, format content pages, work with themes and other similar concepts – so, understanding and having some experience in those basics is a requirement to do this job.

Many guys say that even they do not know .Net, they can do css for whatever technology it is – this may even be true, but please if you had not past solid experiences with .Net, do not bid this post.

-> What is the type of job you are expected to do?

As said before, I mainly work with ASP.NET technology (AJAX, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT and other common technologies are also used integrated in ASP.NET web sites).

After a designer finishes his Photoshop work I need this professional I am looking for, to pick the PSD files created by the designer, slice them and produce the necessary ASPX pages (can be with or without masterpages).

All the work related with this production of the ASPX pages is supposed to be done by this professional.

You are supposed to meet the good practices and standards for this type of work.

You are not supposed to generate new .Net server side code, nevertheless you may need to adapt some objects properties in the *.cs files (things like: [url removed, login to view] = false, object.cssclass=”yourclass”, add AJAX extender validators, and all other stuff which somehow may be related with GUI formatting).

The explained above is to be done when the page is to be created from scratch, but the page may also already exist, and in that case, the professional is supposed to take the existing page, keeping the existing objects and corresponding server side code, and apply all necessary formattings to the existing objects so that the page has the same look and feel as the graphical designed specifications.

So resuming your work will consist of:

1) Create ASPX pages from scratch adding the proper objects and corresponding formatting (server side code will then be added by a server side programmer).

2) Pick existing ASPX pages with no formatting at all, but with objects and server side code on it, and make it look nice as per the graphical specs.

My work normally takes in consideration every small detail, so I can tell you - by experience - that the level of exigency I am requesting is very high, and you need to master very well all type of client side formatting that we may require in a complex web environment (you should be able to reproduce everything which we can imagine with css in my .Net pages…)

Great capacity for easy understanding and good communication skills are mandatory also for this partnership to be a success.

-> Working time

My expectation is that you work during your regular working hours (8/h per day – 5 days per week).

Some exceptional projects may require you to work more than this number o hours per day or also some weekend days, but that is not to be on a regular basis.

Not every day, but there are days where you may be required to work on GMT time.

-> Final considerations

If you are interested in this job, you are required to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) prior that I send you any information (you will need a scanner to sign the doc!).

I am very fanatical with details, proficient communication and daily status updates on every task going on.

Be aware that my level of exigency is high and that I look a real partner who can provide an outstanding performance with a great level of service personalization.

The same I do require, I do provide, so you can expect the same professionalism and absolute parameters of sincerity, honesty, commitment and partnership from my side.

I do not oblige anyone to bid this project, and I have made my best with this long post, trying to be as clear as I could about what I am looking for, so please:

If you do not meet ABSOLUTLY ALL the requirements, if you are not willing to sign a NDA doc, or whatever other reason you may have that will not allow you to provide what I am requesting….then… us both time and do not apply to this project.

Always take in mind that it is more easy to catch a liar then a lame person…so please understand that it makes no sense to try to apply to something which you may not want or not fit – and that is a loss of time for me either…

-> Bid

Those interested in bid this project, please do so by specifing the DAILY PRICE in your bid.

Also please provide the 3 (please do not give me a huge list...I cannot see them all...) best links you done in the past with similiar work I am looking for - and if you do not have not apply...

Best regards,

Luis Miguel Gonçalves

Skills: .NET, CSS, Format & Layout

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