C# .Net to ArcMap 9.1(ArcObjects)

I would like to request bids for a tool that is currently written in C# .Net and need to be adapted(change references,etc) to work in ArcGIS 9.1, specifically in ArcMap 9.1. The tool was written by third-party vendors for a custom application that is also based on ArcMAP 9.1. I have the complete code for the tool in C# .Net but cannot be compiled as is due to missing third-party objects. I am looking for someone who is well-versed in C# .Net and ArcObjects to get this tool working in ArcMap.I am guessing it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to get this [url removed, login to view] needs to have the necessary software.

Workflow of the tool should be:

1. Click on the ArcMap tool to opens a "PrintLayout" Dialog.

2. If map is zoomed to a specified maximum scale, it captures the map extents

3. Selects the features specified in the "config" file that are within the extent

4. Uses the "template" to create the mapview and the reportview of the selected featues.

5. Creates a marker symbol with a number next to the features in the mapview and creates a page or pages of data relevant to the selected features in the report view (in a table format). See SamplePrintLayout1, 2 and 3.

6. Option to Print to a chosen/Default printer.

7. The tool when used in ArcMap will be using SDE versioned data. So, it needs to works within an edit session.

Special Note: Since the original tool was based on a personal geodatabse, a few lines of code needs to be added to select features in the ArcMap and to work with SDE versioned data.

Attached is the zipfile with code in C# .Net, contains the .cs files, config file, sample printlayout screen shots, sample print outs and other assembly files. The config file and the .cs files attached also has code for other tools. But, this bid request is only for the "Featue Report" (also called Valve Summary Report).

Sample data and MXD document will be sent after accepting the [url removed, login to view] is the C#. Net code, screen shot and print out of the report. The code hs several other tools included, but this bid is only for "Feature Report" tool.

Operating System:Windows XP

Software: ESRI's ArcGIS 9.1, ESRI's ArcSDE 9.1

Skills: .NET

About the Client:
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Project ID: #129895