SolarWinds Orion NPM Clone

I need a talented programmer team to develop a Network Performance Monitoring software similar to SolarWinds Orion NPM.

You can see a demo of the software at:

[login to view URL]

Need a clean code (no copyright or open source). I may wish to comercially license and copyright the code it if development is sucessful.

I must be able to have multiple versions of the software (based on number of nodes - just as Orion example)

I must be able to generate trial license

(must be able to select how many nodes I want to turn on in trial version and secondly for how long the trial version will run i.e. 15-30 days etc.)

Must be a stable release (you must be familiar what you are doing and have a clear vision of what the software will be able to do).

I want additional modules developed based on same model or idea, ie. Cirrus Configuration Manager, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, etc.

See a full list of add-on packs available at: [login to view URL]

This is optional but please also mention the additional cost to develop additional stand alone modules like the Engineers Edition Toolset.

This is high end project. The price is of great importance but it will not be used as a sole determinant in awarding the winning bid.

In order to be considered for a short list of bidders for this project, please provide.

1) Cost

1a) Please break down cost separately for the core, plus each additional module requested (must show separate break-down for core and each module).

2) Time to develop.

2a) You should have a clear idea of what you are getting into before you bid. Please be sure that you understand what softwae does how it works, I would strongly encourage you to download and play with the demo if you are unsure. I will not accept "Sorry I did not know this is so much work, I need more money" or "We Need More Time"

3) I will need clear commitment on when the alpha version will be ready, when and how long you will need to test before ready to move to beta version, what are your plans and how you will test the software for functionality and stability and when you estimate you can have the finished software ready for production.

3a) Penalties. We are subject of stiff penalties or late delivery and delays and therefore we will be assessing same penalties to winning contractor in case of avoidable delays.

For each late day of development for each stage the penalty shall be 1% per day of the quoted price for first 30 days,and 2% per day for each additional day over 30 days. Be ready to commit yourself to this. We have no controll of this as this structure is imposed to us by the third party involved with the project

4) Payment. I prefer escrow payment for this as it may be a bit of a size. A certain portion of funds will be released to escrow after each phase is completed untill software had been demonstrated to be stable and ready for commercial deployment.

5) Please be clear and concise with your proposal. I will need to take it to a development commite and get approved for financing, development. Structure and detail are of great essence. Slopy and incomplete proposals will be discarded immediately without even looking to them regardless of price or anything. I have no time or desire to teach or correct anyone on how to write a proposal. Be concise or be sloppy ...

6) Security Bond.

We are asked for this step as well as the requirement so please do not negotiate on it. This is absolute reuirement of the project, if you do not know how it works or what it is or if you cannot do it please do not bid.

We require a security bond in amount of the 20% of the quoted price to be placed in an escrow account by a winning bidder (you). This amount shall be kept in escrow and released to you at the time both parties had mutually agreed that the entire project is completed and the software code is ready for release. We shall pay an interest to you in amount of 4% per year for the bond amount in escrow and will release full amount of the bond plus the interest you are owed at the completion of the project together with the full amount owed for the project.

7) Termination. The contract shall be terminated if the bidder (you) is unable to deliver any quoted stage 90 days after quoted time frame or if we fail to advance to next step of the project within 60 days of completion of the previous step. In case of the termination the breaching party agrees that they will abandon any claims or interest in the code developed and any and all amount in escrow account including all monies deposited for previously completed stages, security bond money, interest accured to security bond money or any other assets tangable or intangable that are the part of the project.

Only bidders who have demonstrated sucesfully that they can comply to all above conditions will be considered and sucessfull short-list candidates will be further contacted.

We thank everyone who bid on this project.

Skills: .NET

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