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C# 2.0/SQL Server 2005 Development Project

Admin Pages - C# 2.0/SQL Server 2005 Development Project

Administration Webpage Arcitecture


C# Project - Deliver C# project solution

SQL Server 2005

Need to see examples of work - in particular the Grid

Architecture 1 (one) (Deliver a C#.NET project solution)


Master Page(s)

Master Page has three sections:

1) Header with graphic -

2) Horizontal menu below graphic

3) Vertical menu on left hand side

Active Directory Security

Graphic across the top with a horizontal menu below it

Vertical menu along the left hand side

Master/Detail Admin Webpage that services the table structure below:

Object Oriented

1) class(es) to support the Pilot entity.

2) Class(es) to encapsulate the ADO insert/update/delete functionality (stored procedures).

3) Webpage should be master (grid) and detail on the same page with add/save/delete functionality and validation listed


Master grid should list all Pilots in the tbl_piot table and associated location.

Master grid should have filtering.

Master grid should have sort on each column.

(Any other features added to this list would help you get the project awarded to you.)

Detail section should allow Location to be changed in a dropdown.

Detail section

4) Clicking on different row in master grid should automatically save the current record changes after running validation.

5) Validation should be on webpage in javascript (i.e. client side) and on the database (i.e. server side codebehind).

- Location is not required

- Logged On, true or false, required, default false

6) Use SQL Server Stored procedures for add/save/delete functionality.

Architecture 2 (two) (Deliver a C#.NET project solution)


User your best architecture to provide Add/Save/Delete functionality for the table structure below. Alter the table

structure if needed.

Table Structure (SQL Server 2000 or 2005)



ID (PK, int, not null)

LName (varchar(25), null)

FName (varchar(50), null)

Location_ID (int, null) (foriegn key - [url removed, login to view])

User_Name (char(25), null)

Password (char(25), null)

Pilot_Auth (char(8), null)

Logged_On (bit, null)


ID (PK, int, not null)

Location_Code (varchar(4), not null)

Loction_Name (varchar(50), not null)

Acct_Code (char(3), null)

Short_Name (varchar(10), not null)

Open_Date (datetime, null)

Close_Date (datetime, null)

Type (nchar(10), null)

Time_Zone (nchar(10), null)

Ad_Name (varchar(50), null)

Trad_Ind (nchar(10), null)

State (nchar(20), null)

Location_Code_Old (char(3), null)

Skills: .NET

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