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Video Media Player

Need of developing a custom media player, either from scratch or via enhancement of Windows Media Player, Flash or any other existing player.

The requirement is that this player should be:

1) A component that could be dropped into a VB6 application with configurable properties, methods and events

2) Should have the general methods, properties and event sw of a video media player, like in Windows Media Player.

3) Should have the following custom feature:

3.1) Be able to play a list (like a playlist) of very short video clips (1-5 seconds in length) and make it appear like a single movie without any breaks or black screen between plays

3.2) Should smoothly transition from one clip to another. The effect expected is the fade effect, where the current video starts fading out a few hundered milliseconds before it completes and the second starts fading in right when the first is fading out. By the time the first one is complete, the second is completely visible.

It is preferable that this be done using Windows Media Player, but other players are also acceptable.

The list of files can be added at any time, even when the player is playinig. The newly added file will be added to an internal list of pending video files.

So for instance, one could imagine a test application with the custom media player on the left, a list of pending files to be played in the middle and a list of all available video files on the right. Users can drag/drop files from the left most list to the center list, which are automatically played one after the other by the media player. This list gets smaller as the files get played. While the media player is still playing, users can add files to the middle list which are immediately added to the players pending list of files.

Please ask questions about other features if not clear.

Additional Description:

I have attached a sample of what the video player should be able to do. Programmatically, I should be able to add the individual clips, When I call the Play method of the custom player, the player should play all the files as if it is one continous video,

Please note:

1) It is important that adding files to play and playing must happen in real time. I expect that I should be able to add files to play via code in real time while the video player is still playing some earlier added file. The newly added files should be added to an internal list of pending video files.

2) The transition from one file to another should be a smooth fade and configurable. I expect a property which will control this fade. When set to 0, the control will not fade and just play one clip after another as a continous file but without any fade effect. If set to another value, say 250, this would mean that the last 250ms of the current clip will fade into the first 250ms of the next clip.

Please ensure that you fully understand the requirement.

Additional Description:

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING. IT IS REQUIRED THAT THIS CONTROL WORK FOR VB6 AND ALSO WITH VB.NET ON WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP AND WINDOWS VISTA. If your solution will not not be able to cover all the platforms mentioned above, please clearly specify what will be supported and what will not be supported.

Skills: .NET

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