edit twitch stream recordings into tiktok size bits

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I am looking for some basic chopping out of 2 minute or less clips from a few days broadcasting live coding as I get to grips with python, wsl, gpt4all, docker, etc, I want someone who roughly knows about these things to rapidly scan through 50+ hours of footage using the screen to see when something happens as there are long periods where nothing happens, quite often I chat when there is something worth editing out, so you can try that and see how far you get, I'm only looking for initially a dozen or so, then we can talk about how to streamline the process, I am not expecting you to bill for 50 hours watching it all! You are doing my job I don't have time for, a quick scan through, chop out a few bits where it looks like something interesting or important is happening ,(installing software, interacting with AI, etc)...

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