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1.0 Introduction/Background

Baobab College of science and technology is a privately owned institution which was incorporated in the Republic of Zambia on 7th may 2005. Baobab College of science and technology is located in Chongwe district of Lusaka province along great east road 35 kilometers from the Zambian Capital City Lusaka at plot # 1139 in Chongwe, the college offers a number of courses ranging from certificate to diploma levels. Baobab College of science and technology is registered under the University and college Act and is licensed by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA). Baobab College of science and technology’s main business objective is to create a world class educational institution with excellent science and technology education.

The institution’s continued growth reflects team spirit and the ability to successfully harness key values which drive business forward. The unrelenting pursuit of this goal enables Baobab College of science and technology to attract a high quality of intellectual capital, thereby establishing and retaining long-term relationships with students. Baobab College of science and technology has grown rapidly, achieving in excess of 100% compound growth per annum over the last three years. Baobab College of science and technology is a dynamic, high energy and empowering institution that delivers an unparalleled service to students. As the institution evolves to face exciting challenges ahead, Baobab College of science and technology will continue to listen, observe, educate, think and innovate.

1.1 Detailed Description of the Existing system

Currently student submits hardcopy of filled application and registration forms to the college, office staff enters all data into excel file and write same in manual register. Issue hall ticket / admit card to student and conduct test for student. Students come to college and give test for the specified date. Office staff check all the paper calculate results and type all the details for taking printout and display it in college premises. College inform student to check the result, student comes to college and view the results. If there is need to cheek for a student record, there is need to go to the dean of student to check for the record there. When a registry book is full, they is need to buy another one to continue the registration of new students which is the share waste of time and resources.

1.2 Demerits of the existing system

 There is no security in this manual system because in an event that there are so many students registering their details without proper queuing system and recording system certain students records may end up not being recorded and updated correctly.

 Due to a large number of students manual records are damaged due to lack of proper storage as the number of full registry books increase.

 There is so much paper which is used in the keeping of these records which makes it very expensive

1.3 Problem Statement

Keeping records of students of a college is a common requirement of almost all the colleges and also of big and small ones. Almost all the deans of students need to access information about daily activities concerning students of a college. They used to perform it from their desks so as to generate the needed reports. The college dean enters the record manually and for generating report he has to browse through the whole records, which is very time consuming and very tiring task which may take week/month even a year. And as we know time is the money for any business. Since, the job is done manually, there are chances of occurring errors, and the risk of modifying by others is also obvious. As managing side is the back bone for all colleges, it is very important to meet the goals of college through proper management. We can see many of colleges suffering from such problems even today here in our country. Not only a dean of student alone wants to keep the college’s record in computerized form but also there are almost all students and staff who want to do the task like viewing the college information services, accessing their details and so on. Thus, to overcome and meet these entire requirements, i have planned to develop such software which will be suitable tools for the entire college to keep the records, register students, and enroll new students.

1.4 Problem Summary

Considering today’s need of registration of students in a colleges and other record keeping System, I have planned to develop the software named “Online Student Registration System” which meets almost all the demands required by the college. This is the software which is mainly made for management of Registration of Students of a college.

1.5 Objectives of the Project

The main objectives of the project will be concentrated towards the development of such software product that will help in removing the problems encountered with the student’s record keeping method. This software will be focused for both members of staff and students who can manage all college tasks in reliable way, saving the precious time. The objectives of this system can be divided into two categories, which are being explained as follow:

1.6 General objective

1. To develop an Online Students Registration system software.

1.7 Specific Objectives

1. To provide interaction of software with both dean of students and students.

2. To keep the details record of college.

3. To keep the detail record of students.

4. To provide easy way to view details of each student and quick retrieval of information.

5. To provide reliable and easy way of enrollment to students.

6. To manage and edit the different types of courses.

7. To provide proper and quick registration system for students.

1.8 Analysis of the Requirements

Requirements analysis involves frequent communication with system users to determine specific feature expectations, resolution of conflict or ambiguity in requirements as demanded by the various users or groups of users, avoidance of feature creep and documentation of all aspects of the project development process from start to finish. In the analysis of the requirement the fact finding techniques i used were as follows:

i. Methods of Data collection

I used the following the methods when collecting data during my visit;

1. Interviews

The interviews were conducted to interview those involved in the recording of student’s details. The dean of students as well was interviewed to give account on how the entire registration process is done and what challenges are involved in record keeping and finally how decisions are made by the college management board.

2. Observation

I also carried out an observation which helped me to know and understand how the information flows in the manual registration systems and the morale, mood, ethics and culture of those involved in the recording of students details were also examined and analyzed.

3. Record Review

The records were scrutinized though roughly and analyzed so as to get what information they contain, which format they take and what information they need to be complete. This was because most details were missing from most of the reports.

4. Questionnaires

These were used to catch a wide scope of students because it was going to be difficult to interview most of the students since they come from different parts of the town. The questionnaires also helped in identifying the problems faced by students, e.g. having to queue up to register to the dean. I was also able to capture proposals on what improvements needs to be made to the current system. A wide scope of proposals was given especially by the students coming from faraway places as they would find a very long queue, which assisted so much especially on the aspects of future plans.

ii. The system will be able to do the following;

 To facilitate online students registration.

 Capturing and storage of student’s details.

 Enable students and other users to access the information using passwords

2.0 Description of the proposed system

The proposed online student registration system will eliminate all the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole process. System will allow student to fill the form online, system has inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data. After successful submission, system will give unique registration no for each student. Student can login into system by using registration no. System will show the result after instantly and stored the results for further use. The automated system will be able to capture data about the students through the keyboard and store in the database. The system will be created in such a way that it will be able to update student’s details after registration. Students will be allowed to make payment through a commercial bank such as Zambia National Commercial bank (ZANACO) and enter the valid deposit slip number in the dialog box before accessing the log in form which will allow a student to enter the student number in order. The system will be able to print reports that show the full details of a student.

2.1 Merits of the proposed system

 Quick access to student’s records.

 Can meet sudden change in demand

 Quick retrieval of required information.

 Less chances of loss of students time because of long queues.

 Reduced cost of stationery.

 Increased security.

2.2 Project Schedule/Action Plan

Project scheduling is a particularly demanding task for software preparation. Scheduling involves separating the total work involved in a project into separate activities and judging the time required to complete these activities.

For the project competition, we draw a chart as shown in figure below:




Determination of requirements XXX

Design system

Software development

System Testing



Chart for Management Project Scheduling

Fig: chart of project.

2.3 Cost/Benefit Analysis

The costs and benefits of this project are attached to it. Therefore the costs estimated to be incurred are:

 The purchase of twelve computers for each of the six departments, storage media such as disc drives, memory card, and flash drive printers.

 Purchase of software

 Software installation that include the analysis, design and other installations required.

 Training the users

The benefits to be enjoyed from the system include:

 The problems of experiencing looking for student’s records for more than a day will be alleviated.

 Improvement in quality and accuracy retrieval of information.

 Reduction in clerical activities

 Improved operations in terms of efficiency

 Receipts information on a timely basis

 There will be proper and minimized queuing of students for registration

 Provides security

3.0 Budget

Item Quantity Unit Cost (KR) Total Cost (KR)

Laptop 2,300 2,300

Transport 50 50

Ream of paper 1 25 25

Airtime -- 25 25

Printing --- 7 7

DVDs 2.5 2.5

Others 100 100

TOTAL 2509.5

4.0 Conclusion

Lastly upon completion of the investigations and analysis of the manual system, the survey review that the system has a number of constraint and hence improvements are inevitable. Thus, improvements on the system will speed up the students registration system, improve quick retrieval of student’s information and will provide an effective and more efficient system that will enhance the online registration system operations to be performed.

5.0 Recommendation

The present manual system has seen to be error prone, ineffective and time consuming, which sometimes give rise to incorrect student’s information.

I therefore recommend the proposed system to the manual system because of its advantages over the manual system, its objectives is far better compared to the manual system.

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