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Fantasy Hip Hop RPG is a 2D role-playing computer game that allows you to run your own hip-hop record label. The following is a bid request for raster/sprite artwork to be used by the game engine. This bid request is not for vector graphics. All delivered items must be in multi-layered and appropriately labeled Photoshop (.PSD) documents. This bid is for someone who can draw realistic yet stylistic smart phones for use in a video game.

## Deliverables

**Company Info:**

Fantasy Hip Hop LLC ([url removed, login to view] ) is a self-funded, independent game studio founded in Brooklyn, NY and now operating in Sunnyvale, CA. In 2006, we released the first version of Fantasy Hip Hop?"? ??" an HTML-only, browser-based game which garnered over 16,000 users and won at the Brown University Entrepreneurship Business Plan competition. Our next product, Fantasy Hip Hop?"? RPG, takes the brand into a new visual realm, engulfing the user in a complete virtual world.

Fantasy Hip Hop?"? was founded by a former Brown University computer science student and Apple employee, and is now looking for aspiring game developers & artists in the bay area to join in on this exciting venture. We are looking for enthusiastic, smart, and creative individuals who are the right technical & cultural fit.

**Project Title:** uPhone Graphics

One of the most important items that a player can attain In Fantasy Hip Hop?"? RPG is a smart phone lovingly referred to as the "uPhone" ??" an obvious yet creative tribute to Apple®'s iPhone. In the game, the player has to get a phone to be able to call the managers and agents behind the artists they wish to sign. For example, if you want to sign Kanye West to your music label, you would first have to get a uPhone, and then find the contact information for Kanye West's manager.? After you get that, you can tap the "Contacts" app on the uPhone and call up the manager, at which point you engage in a vivid, audio-driven conversation with the manager. The user interface of the uPhone allows for you ??"? the human player ??" to select phrases to speak back to the computer-controlled individual you are speaking with on the other end.

Aside from making phone calls, you can use the uPhone to download and use a wide variety of apps ??" many of which are critical to gameplay, such as messaging, business apps to run your label on the go, and other conveniences which save you time.

In terms of the user interface, the uPhone sports an iPhone-like simulated touch interface. If you've ever used the iPhone simulator on Mac OS X via Xcode, it feels very similar. You can simulate drags and taps (no pinch & zoom quite yet) ??" all from within the game world. It's pretty amazing.

To see an early prototype of how the uPhone behaves in the game, visit the following YouTube link:?

[url removed, login to view]

There you will find an example that uses actual iPhone art assets (which we will not be using in the production version of the game ??" that's what this bid request is for).

For this bid request, you will be creating the individual art assets that the game engine can then dynamically composite to generate the real-time fluid uPhone interface.

Project Requirements:

General Requirements:

All work must be delivered in (.PSD) Photoshop format. No vector artwork is permitted, as vector is not part of the game aesthetic. All work .PSD files must be broken down into individual, labeled layers. All artwork must fit within the same dimensions of the sample files that we provide to you.

Alpha transparency is an important aesthetic feature within our graphics engine and is an absolute requirement for these art assets. Using subtle lighting effects such as drop shadows gives depth to our game, and makes it so that even though it's ultimately a 2D game engine, it uses lighting effects to show layering/z-indexing.

For this project we will provide you with a collection of sample uPhone assets. They should serve as a reference template from which to base your design of those same assets. For example, in the App Title Bar image asset ([url removed, login to view]), you'll see an example of a color gradient. You are free to create a new style of header in terms of color/tones, but you should keep your design within the same dimensions of the sample assets, as these serve as exact "stencils" of what the uPhone renderer is expecting. Therefore, for each of the assets defined below, you will be creating a new version of that same exact component.

Graphics/Art Style:

Clearly the uPhone takes visual/style cues from the iPhone ??" and that's fine, and of course, intentional. What's important though is to not blatantly re-use the same exact style, but to instead give a very classy and unique iPhone-inspired design to replace it. This means incorporating things like subtle gradients, rounded corners, and drop shadows, but not in a way that looks too tacky (many of the sample images included look very tacky :). We should first come to terms on the style you use so we can confirm it's the right style for the game *before* you go ahead and develop every individual uPhone art asset.

Asset Definitions:

• uPhone Handset

-Description: this is the background encasing for the uPhone itself. This asset serves as the background canvas on top of which all the other uPhone widgets are drawn. We are giving you creative license as to how to draw/visualize the uPhone, though we require it look as sleek, classy, and modern as possible, and *not* use vector graphics. This should be a detailed raster image (in Photoshop, as everything else).

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• App Title Bar

-Description: the top header of the currently running app

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• App Background

-Description: this is the gradient that occupies the phone's background when an app is running. Form/Captions are rendered on top of the app background.

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• Form/Caption

-Description: these are the form backgrounds which group together a set of elements. it's the little widget that you touch with your finger and drag up and down to scroll the app up and down. It's broken up into three images ??" one for the top, middle, and bottom. Rounded corners.

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]

• Button

-Description: A simple button for use in apps.

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• Call End Button

-Description: The button that ends a call when using the uPhone. Separate images for each of the three states ??" normal, hovered, pressed.

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] (hovered), [url removed, login to view] (pressed)

• Call Pane

-Description: The dialog that appears when the phone is making an outgoing call.

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• Proposal

-Description: this is a dialog that appears when a conversation hits a trigger point that allows the user to enter a price (such as, if the player is negotiating a contract price over the phone). This should be a little bubble the pops up with a pre-composited text field? (w/ .00 rendered in)

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

•Table Item

-Description: these are used to show sets of data in a table like widget. Each of these assets is the background for an individual table row.

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• Text Entry

-Description: this is a fix-sized larger text area for entering multi-line text.?

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]

• Text Field

-Description: a simple, single-line text input

-Sample Filename: [url removed, login to view]


Final deliverables must be in Photoshop (.PSD) format, with separated and named layers. Images must *not* be all a single layer. At least one (1) of each of the aforementioned assets must be included in the final Photoshop submission.

Skills: Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Photoshop

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