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What I want:

Create a notification bar containing a countdown timer that locks a page using a wordpress plugin:

I need you to create a simple wordpress plugin that will allow me to add a notification bar to any one page of a wordpress blog. From now on, I’ll call this the ‘Protected Page’

The notification bar should be optionally positioned at either the bottom of the computer screen or at the top offset by a fixed number of pixels.

The notification bar can either full or fixed width centred horizontally.

Once displayed, the notification bar should remain visible even if the browser navigates away from the ‘Protected Page’.

A ‘Close’ button at the top right (usual application close ‘X’) closes the notification bar

A ‘Return’ button on the notification bar to navigate back to the ‘Protected Page’ when clicked.

A countdown timer needs to start from a chosen ‘Coundown Start Time’ the first time the ‘Protected Page’ is opened on a computer.

The elapsed time for the countdown timer must always be calculated from the instant the ‘Protected Page’ is first opened to the current time.

Once the countdown timer reaches zero, the ‘Protected Page’ should be locked and never displayed. An alternative page should be displayed instead.

Optional border oround notification bar with either square or round corners

The notification bar shall contain:

• The countdown timer display as days:hours:minutes:seconds with values that count down from ‘Coundown Start Time’ to zero

• A close button

• A button to attempt to navigate back to the ‘Protected Page’

• A selectable image

• Selectable Text

Settings for the notification bar shall include:

• Coundown Start Time settings days:hours:minutes:seconds using HTML to allow formatting of size, color and position.

• Position of notification bar – top + offset in pixels or bottom of screen

• Url of ‘Protected Page’

• Text to be shown on the ‘Return’ button

• Url of alternative page – displayed after countdown reaches zero

• Background colour – with color picker and option to use a 32 bit hex color value that includes transparency

• A way to add an image using HTML to format

• A way to add text using HTML to format

• Value to define transparency of the complete notification bar

• Value to define the height of the notification bar

• Value to define the width of the notification bar with a special default value representing full width

• Border Color and width (including zero)

• Check box to define square or round corners (one fixed radius OK, say 10 pixels)

• Comments and explanation with example values displayed as notes alongside each setting together with a range of values where applicable

• A ‘Default Values’ button to reset everything

Default Settings to appear initially and when the ‘Default Values’ button is clicked:

• Coundown Start Time settings = 0 days: 1 hours: 0 minutes: 0seconds

• Position of notification bar = top + 200 pixels

• Url of ‘Protected Page’ = leave blank

• Text for button to return to ‘Protected Page’ = “Grab Special Offer”

• Url of alternative page = leave blank

• Background colour = AFF5F5F5

• A way to add an image = leave blank

• A way to add text = “Grab this offer before it disappears”

• Value to define transparency = 80% (can set range 0 ..100; 0..255; or 00.. FF)

• Value to define the height of the notification bar = 90 pixels

• Value to define the width of the notification bar = special default value representing full width

Skills: AJAX, CSS, HTML, PHP, Software Architecture

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