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This project is three fold and is not as big as it looks. Also, please don't bid if you can't complete this project in a timely fashion or can't speak english real well because I've had 4 out of 5 programmers flake on me from scriptlance in the last 6 months. I also need this project to be completely done in PHP & SQL. I need someone who can get this done fast and efficiently so please be able to do that if you bid. *Number One* I have an autoresponder script that is nearly complete and need a programmer to finish the rest of it. *Number Two* I need a Multi-User PHP clone of Ultimate affiliate at [url removed, login to view] so I can use it to let my customers manage their affiliate program remotely just like the affiliate software at I also need the following features added into the script: 1) The ability to export all owed comissions into a .csv file compatible with PayPal's "Mass Paypment" feature. 2)Resource center that allows the admin to add ezine ads, banners, graphics, text links, popup windos and will be attracively displayed on the affiliates "Get Links" page with their affiliate ID already embedded and will have all of the code in copy and paste text boxes with their affiliate ID also embedded. 3) The script also needs to run a 2 level affiliate program and affiliates should be able to see all of the members of their second level and sales on their stats page. There also needs to be a resource section for promoting the affiliate program that allows the admin to add ezine ads, banners, graphics, text links, popup windos and will be attracively displayed on the affiliates "Get Links" page with their affiliate ID already embedded and will have all of the code in copy and paste text boxes with their affiliate ID also embedded. 4) I think the script at [url removed, login to view] does this but I need the script to have a section to revoke comissions on orders that are refunded and when the affiliate logs in they will see that there was a refund and where deducted the comission. 5) The script also needs to parse info from new affiliate signups to the autoresponder or mailing list script such as name, e-mail, and affiliate ID. 6) The script needs to be a mult-user system so I can offer affiliate program management to my customers. 7) The script needs to do recurring billing on the 2 levels as well. 8) Each user should be able to add unlimited products. I also need installation insructions for the script as well so I can use it on a couple sites. I will retain commercial rights to all of the above. *Number 3* I need modifications to the script I own at [url removed, login to view] You can play with the system to get a feel for it here... [url removed, login to view] Here are the features: 1. Sales tracking & action tracking that will be an option. The user can select the sales tracking or action tracking feature or decide not to use it when setting up the tracker. Sales & action tracking needs to be done with cookeis & IP addresses to track future purchases & actions. Actions will be tracked by a special code that is automatically generated by the script that is paseted into the conformation page of a subscription to a mailing list through a form, using a tell a friend script, clicking a specific link or making a purchase. This feature is available at: [url removed, login to view] And they have a free 14 day trial so you can test it out and see exactly what I need...I want the sales & action tracking Identical to theirs. 2. A current URL looks like this... [url removed, login to view] And I would like it to look like this... [url removed, login to view] And this change also needs to be refelcted in the user interface for the code generator & everything else. I would like to have all the directories stay the same except for the [url removed, login to view] file which will be placed in the main html directory and renamed r.php. This is to provide the shorter url. 3. The script currently has a perl script to do the mailings and I want this replaced with a PHP file making the entire script pure PHP & SQL. 4. Admin notification of e-mails sent. There is a feature in the admin section to mail the entire user database and I want the notification e-mail to actually count the e-mails sent and send an e-mail to the administrator saying how many e-mails where scheduled to send and how many where actually sent. 5. ROI tools such as cost per click, cost per sale, and profit on an ad. This will be done by having the user enter the amount they paid for the ad and calculating the cost per click, cost per sale and the total profit when used in combination with the sales tracking features. These stats should be but alongside the unique & raw hits columns for easy viewing. 6. A default url in the admin section so links that are typed or pasted incorrectly or the script is overloaded or the tracker is an incative campaign or a dead link are redirected to the specified url. 7. Clickable question marks that trigger popup windows by all the main functions of the script explaining how to use that feature to the user and admin. 8. Stats searching by date by tracker for users. 9. The installation is already easy and consists of editing one file but I want the installation to have the user just unzip the file and upload it as is and goto a specified url such as: [url removed, login to view] where the user will enter all the vital information into fields on the page and click complete install and then will be directed to the admin section. This should also be able to be changed in the admin section if needed through a settings menu in the admin section. 10. Right now when you view the stats, the referring urls are sometimes long which causes the browsers horizontal scroll bar to have to be used. I want this fixed through out the script in all possible places this could occur. 11. Correct any english that you see in the script that is inccorect...I have seen a few errors. 12. Make HTML e-mails selectable when selecting to have stats e-mailed to you. The plain text option should also be available as well. I also want the text e-mails that are editeable in the mail management tab in the admin section to be easier to setup...there is a popup there now but it's stillconfusing. I don't care if you change it or just re-write theexplanation in the popup. Also, ad a form to the "mail management" tab in the admin section that will allow the format of the e-mails to be changed and all the stats will be placed in by field like {UNIQUE}. The plain text already has this so you can probably use these and just setup the html option. 13. Auto-inactivate feature which allows the user to select a tracker be put into "inactive" status 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days after it is created. This needs to be selected when the tracker is being created and also be able to be turned off in the edit url feature. This should also have an e-mail alert that goes out 5 days before the tracker expires and this e-mail needs to be editable through a form on the admin "mail management" section. There should also be a note next to each tracker which has an auto-inactivator on it with how many days are left before the tracker expires & inactivates. 14. A ban IP address feature in the admin section to block abusive users. 15. A search user feature by name, e-mail, username. Also, a search by tracker ID to track spam reports available in the admin section. 16. Add the feature to auto generate code for redirect pages so a user can setup and create a directory on THEIR server with whatever name such as [url removed, login to view] and the auto code generator will generate the redirect code for the tracker they select that will just be pasted into the [url removed, login to view] file in the link directory so they can use their own domain name to put in ads. 17. The ability for the admin to e-mail individual accounts, this should be in the admin section when clicking USERS and next to the "view hits, delete, edit" tabs as e-mail. 18. I need a lost username & password feature that will be available on the login page through a link that says "Click Here If You Have Forgotten Your Username Or Password" and they're info will be e-mailed to them. There will also need to be a form in the mail management section to edit & save the lost password/username e-mail. 19. I want the user to be sent to the page showing their code for their new tracker right after entering the tracking info and clicking "add tracker". 20. Make the 1000 default trackers per user editable in the admin section to what ever the admin decides. 21. Add a confirm delete account feature when deleting an account so accidental deletes don't occur. 22. I need URL cloaking to be available and selectable when the user sets up a tracker. This will make the tracker url stay in the browser address bar when the page loads to prevent people changing the URL. The tracker should also have a note next to is that says "cloaked" so users know which they cloaked and which they didn't. 23. I need a backup & restore feature that will back up the ENTIRE SQL database and they can export it and save it on their computer. There also needs to be a restore option so they can import their backup & restore everything. This will be done in the admin section. There may be 2-5 other features I come up with so take that into consideration when bidding. I own the copyright to the scripts so I retain rights to this upgrade and the other scripts. Thanks, Chris Elliott

Skills: Anything Goes, PHP

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