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I agree that the information provided by MCM. is confidential' proprietary and may

contain trade secrets. I understand that it will be provided in confidence. I agree not to disclose

this information to any third parties and that my obligation of confidentiality shall extend for a

period of three (3) years from the date of disclosure by MCM INC

Table of Contents

Project Objective

Summary and outline of the website

Page Descriptions

Full details on how the site will be setup

Optional Additions

Options we feel can add value to your website

Other Notes


Project Objective and Outline

Project Objective: Establishing a project objective for this website has been challenging since

there is conflicting criteria upon which the goals for the website are established. On one hand we

have a well thought out, but task heavy site definition. On the other hand, we have a strong

desire to keep the budget for the project controlled to a minimal figure. As such, some requested

functionality will need to be dropped, or replaced with more affordable alternatives, and

scalability for future growth will need to be part of the development process. The project

objective is getting the site you need now that can become the site you want later.

Considering your target audience, graphic appearance will be important. You can't appeal to a

young audience on a subject matter of music and success in the music industry without an

exciting look and feel. Although we understand the gist of what you are looking to accomplish

design wise with the site, we are not coming to the table with a pre-determined design concept.

Instead we bring an open mind, a creative set of designers and the ability to communicate ideas

with you to establish the right identity for the MCM INCbrand. Some initial design concepts, such as

the vending machine Flash concept I discussed with Sandi and Kyle during our initial meeting, is

sadly left out of this proposal strictly for budgetary reasons. However, I included some

additional Flash options that can be worked back into the website should you wish to reconsider

adding this back in. After we sign off on the proposal we setup an initial design meeting to

address the identity of the site. If you do wish to move forward with adding Flash back into the

project, I recommend holding off until after the initial design meeting so we first have a clear

direction for the website's identity. We might determine a Flash concept established in advance

might not fit with the site identity established after meeting with our design team.

One item I listed as an option for you is setting up a blog. I will be honest and say I hope this is

an option you can fit into the budget because I believe it is a crucial step towards driving traffic

to the website. Your target audience is young and plugged into the whole internet landscape.

There is no shortage of music blogs out there that cater to developing unsigned and indie music

artists. Having your own blog can get you linked into this community and drawing from it. This

also addresses online social networking in general and how important it will be for you to utilize

it. It takes time to develop these channels, but the results are worth it. There is no quicker way

to build traffic, interest, buzz and search engine good will than utilizing all of the online inbound

marketing tools that are available to you. While much of this is an extension beyond our website

development services with you, we can help you map out this post-development marketing plan

and consult with you as needed. We want to continue to be of value to you and service to you 3

Project Outline: The following items will be addressed on the website:

1. Design, Layout & Page Setup

a. Home Page

b. Vault (Studio) Page

c. Effections (Video Production) Page

d. Fan (Become a)

i. Multi-Step Signup Form

ii. Login for Fans with Fan Account

iii. Fan Account

e. MCM INCArtists / MCM INCProducers

i. Artist Intro Page and Video

ii. Multi-Step Signup Form

iii. Login for Fans with Fan Account

iv. Artist Detail Pages

1. Rate Artist

2. View Ratings

3. Contact Artists

f. MCM INCProducers

g. Team BDO

i. Team MCM INCDetail Pages

h. Calendar

i. Promotions

j. Give Me A Chance

i. GMAC Event Schedule

ii. Registration Form

iii. Online Payment

1. PayPal

2. Return PayPal Feed to Database

k. Sponsors

l. Investors

i. Login

ii. Investor Document Library

m. Newsletter

2. Content Management System

a. Add, Edit, Delete Content

b. Different Administrative User Roles (4)

i. Users (Fans)

ii. Artists

iii. Admin Managers

c. Reporting

d. System Training

Descriptions — Design, Layout & Page Setup

1. Design and Layout — Freelancer will redesign the website for MCM INC Records.

a. Home Page — The home page will give an introductory overview of MCM INC records.

Up to 3 paragraphs of text will be on the page that will be carefully composed to

communicate clearly to potential clients as well as to fit criteria needed for positive

search engine placement. To achieve this we will modify the text you provide for the

home page. We will tweak this text so as to be search engine friendly for your 5 most

important search keywords — these will be the keywords that best summarize your

business — we can help you to determine these keywords. The navigation and color

scheme for the entire site will also be established here. A consistent and visually

appealing page header will be used on all of the pages on the website. This header will

contain imagery, logo and a navigation menu. Most importantly, we will not lose sight

of the fact that this website needs to appeal to a mostly young audience and will need to

have a creative and fresh graphic look. Also, you will need to list up to 10 MCM INC artist

photos on the home page. The photos will link to the Artist Intro Page and Video

where users can either sign up to be a fan to view artists, or log in if they already have

an account. Text and photo content on this page, including the 10 artist photos, can be

edited via the content management system (see #2 below).

b. Vault (Studio) Page — This page is the showcase for your recording facility. It will

feature up to 10 photos of the studio, studio staff and the gear utilized. Studio gear will

be displayed in a gear list. A text introduction of up to 3 paragraphs can be on this

page. Freelancer will make (or suggest) changes to the text so that it is better optimized

for up to 3 keywords that are best related to the content on the page. A mission

statement of the studio and contact information for studio staff can also be on the page.

If needed, a video of the studio can be embedded, where appropriate, on the page.

Photos and text can be updated via the content management system.

c. Effections (Video Production) Page — In the same fashion as the Vault page, this

page is the showcase for you video production services. It will feature up to 10 photos

of your video production facilities, video production staff and the equipment utilized.

Studio equipment will be displayed in a equipment list. A text introduction of up to 3

paragraphs can be on this page. Freelancer will make (or suggest) changes to the text so

that it is better optimized for up to 3 keywords that are best related to the content on the

page. A mission statement of the studio and contact information for studio staff can

also be on the page. If needed, a video of the studio can be embedded, where

appropriate, on the page. Photos and text can be updated via the content management


d. Fan (Become a) — In order to view information on MCM INCartists and producers, users

will have to become a fan of BDO. Each page on the site will have a login for fans that

have already created a fan account to enter their user name and password. If a user

clicks on the Fan page they will come to a place that gives them a quick overview to the

benefits of becoming a fan. A short description paragraph will be followed by an Artist

Intro Video that you have produced. This video will give an overview of everything

that is available to them once they become a fan. The user will be prompted to fill out a

sign-up form in order to create a fan account.

i. Multistep Signup Form — To become a fan, a user needs to fill out the

multistep signup form. There will be 3 steps in all. The first step will simply

require general contact information and their password — username will be

based on email address to avoid duplicate entries. Once the first step is

completed, the user will be emailed a confirmation link that they must respond

to in order to verify they are a legitimate individual. Once verified, they will

have access to all MCM INCartist and producer detail pages. The second and third

steps to the signup process will be more subtle. After the first form a basic

account is created to view artist and producer detail pages and to vote for their

favorite MCM INCartist or producer. The fans favorite artist or producer will

become associated with their account until they change it. When the fan

requests other fan features, they will be prompted to provide additional

information. Rating artist and producers will require an additional form step to

fill out (up to 10 fields). The user will be gently prompted to fill out additional

information before posting their first rating. Fans will be able to contact their

favorite artist or producer, but the first time they will be prompted to fill out

another form that collects additional information that you are gathering (up to

10 fields). To contact their favorite artist or producer, a fan will fill out a text

box and hit submit — since they are logged in, their contact information will not

need to be collected on the artist/producer contact form. Fans will not be able to

see the email address of the artist or producer they are contacting.

ii. Login for Fans with Fan Account — If a user has already signed up, they

will have the ability to login with their username and password without having

to go through the signup forms again. If the fan has forgotten their password,

they can request their password emailed to them.

iii. Fan Account — Once logged into their account, fans will be able to view

artists, vote for their favorite artist or producer, rate artists and producers and

view the total ratings of all other fans. Additionally, fans will be able to

communicate with their favorite artist or producer and update the information

they have entered in their account.

e. MCM INCArtists / MCM INCProducers — This is where users will go to view information on

MCM INCartists and producers. Users will need to be registered and logged in with a fan

account before they can see artist and producer detail pages. If a user has an account

but is not logged in, there will be a "log in here" section on the page for the user to fill

in their username (email address) and password. Otherwise users without a fan account

will view the intro video and click a link to take them to a sign up page.

i. Artist Intro Page and Video — Unless a user is a fan and is logged into their

account, they will see an artist/producer info video you have created that gives a

promotional overview of MCM INCartists and the benefits of creating a fan account.

ii. Multistep Signup Form — The multiple signup form will involve 3 forms.

These three forms will be presented at different times during a user's experience

on the website. The first form will collect contact information, basic personal

information (birthday and gender), ask how the user heard about you and

requested password. Once this information is submitted the user will be

emailed a confirmation email. Once the user clicks on the link in the

confirmation email the site will register the user with a fan account. This will

get them started on viewing the artist and producer detail pages. The next form

will be presented to the user (now logged in as a fan) when they wish to rate an

artist or producer. The third form will be presented when the user (now logged

in as a fan) wishes to communicate with the artist or producer that they have

tagged as their favorite in their fan account. All three of these forms will only

need to be filled out once by a user.

iii. Login for Fans with Fan Account — Users will be able to bypass the initial

signup form by filling in their user name (email address) and password on the

Artist Intro Page. Note that there will also be a login link on every page on the


iv. Artist Detail Pages — Each MCM INCartist will have their own detail page. Each

detail page will have a bio on the artist, upcoming calendar events for the artist,

MP3 files, an embedded video that you produce and up to 12 photos of the artist

— each clickable to a larger version. Note that the calendar events will be in a

list format with fields for event name, date, location, time and a short


1. Rate Artist — On any artist or producer page a logged in fan (who has

also filled out the required form) will be able to rate the artist or

producer using a 5 point system — 'Needs Work', 'Potential', 'Hot',

'Platinum' and 'Diamond'.

2. View Artist Rating — Logged in fans will be able to see the rankings

for any artist or producer. This will be a total score and not individual

ratings. For example, a rating for an artist might say "This artist has an

average rating of Platinum by 376 fans".

© 2009 MCM INCRecords, INC.

3. Contact Artists — A logged in fan will be able to tag one artist or

producer as their favorite artist and will be able to contact them via a

text box. The first time a fan attempts to contact their favorite artist they

will be prompted to fill out one of the three forms that are required to

have full use of the fan accounts. When a fan fills out and submits a text

post to an artist, that post will be recorded in their account. Whenever

an artist responds back to them, they will see the response in their

account next to their posting. Fans only see the artist postings made to

them but artists will see all of the fan postings in their account. Postings

will continue to accumulate unless deleted — each post will have a delete

link next to it.

f. MCM INCProducers — Note that MCM INCproducers will have all the same features as BDO

artists — in the administrative area of the website, you indicate if an individual is listed

as an artist or as a producer (separate categories). This category setting will determine

where they display on the website.

. Team MCM INC— This page will give an overview of the staff that makes up BDO

Records. The page will start off with up to 3 short paragraphs of text that you provide.

Freelancer will make (or suggest) changes to the text so that it is better optimized for up

to 3 keywords that are best related to the content on the page. Following the text will

be a listing of team members. The team member listing will show a thumbnail photo

for each team member along with their name and title. Clicking on any of these team

member listings will take the user to a detail page for that particular team member.

i. Team MCM INCDetail Pages — Each team member will have their own detail

page. Each detail page will feature a full size photo of the previous thumbnail

version on the Team MCM INCpage. There will also be a full description of the

team member along with contact information.

h. Calendar — The calendar page will be a list based calendar that will be populated with

all of the event entries from your artists and all event entries that are entered by the site

administrator. All the events will be in a list format with the soonest upcoming events

listed first. Events will remain on the calendar until deleted. Note that artists can only

add and delete their calendar events whereas the site administrator can add and delete

any events.

i. Promotions — This will be a page where you can post upcoming promotions.

Everything will be listed on one page — no detail pages will be involved. Each

promotion posting can have a title, short description, photo and any relevant contact

information or date and time. If there is an accompanying PDF for a promotion, you

can upload it as well and it will be displayed on the page. You will be able to order the

listings to determine which promotion gets listed first. Via the content management

system you will be able to add, edit and delete postings as needed.

j. Give Me A Chance — This section of the site will focus on your Give Me A Chance


i. GMAC Event Schedule — When a user clicks on the "Give Me A Chance"

navigation link, they will come to a page that gives an overview of the contest.

With text that you provide, Freelancer will work with you to help determine the

best 3 keywords to focus on for the page and make recommendations to make

the text more search engine friendly. After the contest overview, the page will

list all of the GMAC locations that you have entered in the administrative area

of the website (aka contact management system). Each GMAC location will

give name, date and location. A link to register for GMAC will be prominently

displayed on the page.

ii. Registration Form — Clicking on the GMAC register link will take the user to

the registration form. The form can have up to 25 data fields with up to 10

required fields. The current GMAC locations that you have entered in the

content management system will automatically populate into a drop-down box

on the form for users to select which location they want to attend. When a user

submits the form and the PayPal processing has completed, the data will be

captured in the site database where you can access the information as a report.

i i. Online Payment — When submitting a registration a user will be directed to

the PayPal website to process payment for their registration.

1. PayPal — Payment for registrations will be handled by PayPal — users

will be directed away from your website and to the PayPal website to

make payment. You will need a proper PayPal account for us to have

registrations directed to them. Once payment is complete, users will be

returned to a thank you page on your website.

2. Return PayPal Feed to Database — After payment is made the

MCM INCwebsite will need to know that a registration that has been

submitted to the database has been paid for. This will require handling a

return feed from PayPal that can be used by the site database.

k. Sponsors — This page will list your sponsors. Each listing will feature the sponsor's

name, a thumbnail of the sponsor's logo, a short description and the sponsor's URL.

Clicking on the URL will open a new browser window containing the sponsor's

website. At the bottom of the page will be a small form that a potential sponsor can fill

out to inquiry about becoming a sponsor. This form will be very short at only 4 data

fields — Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Comments. Once the form is

submitted it will be emailed to you so you can follow up with the potential sponsor as

needed. All of the sponsor information on this page can be updated via the content

management system.

l. Investors — There can be a hidden link for investors, if needed; however, we

recommend putting a link on the navigation for this section of the site, at least as a text

link in the bottom footer of the page. Once an investor clicks on the link, they will be

taken to a login screen.

i. Login — The login screen will simply be a page containing two fields to enter a

username and password. The user will have to successfully enter the username

and password that you have provided to them in order to proceed to the next

page. You will be able to generate a new username and password for the

investors in the administrative area of the website. The login you generate will

be universal for all investors — generating a new username and password will

require redistributing the login to all potential investors. The idea is to only

have to deal with one login username and password to give to any potential

investor. Doing it this way you will not have to manually generate an account

for each potential investor or have to look up individual account logins when

someone forgets their login.

ii. Investor Document Library — Once a user has successfully passed the login

page they will be taken to a document library where they will be able to access

documents that you have posted for them to see. You will be able to upload

documents to be displayed on this page along with a short description of the

document. Documents to upload can be PDF, Word, Excel of PowerPoint


m. Newsletters — You will be able to post newsletters on the site in a PDF format via the

content management system. The Newsletters page will naturally contain all of the

PDF formatted newsletters that you have uploaded. The PDF newsletters will be

arranged in a list fashion, with the most recent first. In the content management system

you will be able to name each PDF and give it a short description — these will show on

the Newsletters page next to the related newsletter link. Clicking on the link for the

newsletter will download the PDF document for a user to review. Optionally, we can

setup eNewsletters so you can create an email based newsletter that users can signup

for on the Newsletters page by entering their name and email address. See the options

section below for more information.

Content Management System

2. Content Management System — By logging into a password protected content

management system on the website, you can update various content on the website easily, in-

house and without paying a third party web design company an update fee. Once you make a

change in the administrative console, it will be reflected immediately on the website.

The administrative console actually interfaces with a database that contains all the content for

the website. The database feeds this content to the appropriate pages on the site. By using a

database to manage website content, a greater amount of flexibility and control is introduced to

the website.

a. Add, Edit, Delete Content — After logging into the administrative console, the user

is presented with a menu of available pages to edit. Once a page to edit has been

selected the content that is associated with that page is displayed in a text box and any

related files (photos, PDF's, etc.) are listed. To change the text in the text box, simply

highlight what needs changing and type in the new content. Formatting of text is also

available via a basic MS-Word style interface. Cut and pasting text from a word

document or other source is also available. Any related files can be updated by clicking

a button that browses your hard drive for the file (scanned image, PDF, etc.). Once you

have made necessary changes to text and/or files, simply hit the "Update" button at the

bottom of the screen and the changes are instantly and automatically made on the

website - including the uploading of files selected.

b. Different Administrative User Roles (4 in all) — There will be 4 different login

user roles involved in the administrative area.

i. Users (Fans) — General users that sign up for a Fan account will have the

ability to log into the website to view artists and to have additional basic

functionality such as contacting a artist or rating an artist. Users will not have

the ability to edit any content on the website.

ii. Artists/Producers — Artists will have a login account to handle updates to

their own site content. While this management area can grow down the road to

handle more management, for now only an artists calendar of events and fan

inquiries will be managed by artists. Each time an artist logs in their login time

will be time stamped in a field in the database associated with their account.

ii . Admin Managers — Admin managers will have the ability to edit any of the

site content that is under content management control as well as update any

artist's information. Admin managers will also have the ability to check

registrations and generate reports as indicated below.

iv. Investors — Investors will simply share one login account to access documents

in the Investor Document Library. Investor will not have the ability to make

any changes to any content on the website.

Content Management System

c. Reporting — The following reports will be setup: listing of all fans by various criteria

that they entered in their account (location, for example), listing of all fans for a

particular artist/producer by various criteria they entered in their account, daily or

weekly emailed report of new fans signed up, daily or weekly emailed report of the

number of fans each artist has that have labeled them as their "favorite" artist, daily or

weekly emailed report of new GMAC signups, daily or weekly emailed report of new

potential sponsors that have inquired and listing of all artist logins to their account.

MP3 files that are accessed on the website can have their views tracked via website

statistics software.

Website Hosting

3. Website Hosting — See Matthew Capre for details.

Skills: ASP, Electronic Forms, Javascript, PHP, SQL

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