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The project has 2 distinct parts.

Part 1 - The creation of program that will extract the closing numbers for various sports from the website You can sign up for a free basic membership so you can see what the screens look like. The successful bidder will be given my paid accoun name and password so that they will be able to see the fully functioning website which is required since the format needs to work with what I would see. The closing numbers are the complete line for a single game after the game is complete. Here is a link to a screenshot: [url removed, login to view]

This particular screenshot does not have any games that are completed and they are all still in progress or have yet to start. The program needs to run in the background and add a game to its archive whenever it sees a new game that is completed. There is a function on the website that shows the results from the previous day. From my experience I have found the data on this page is more reliable than on the same day page. Sometimes mistakes can happen and are more likely to be caught once the days information is moved to a more permanent format. Once new information is found on the websites previous days pages for all of the available sports, the data is to be extracted and archived. This database must have an option to easily export to Excel in a format such as .xls or .csv etc. Different sports have slightly different information and are presented slightly differently. For the purpose of this project, the only sports that must be completed and functional are NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAABB, NCAAFF. These sports are currently in progress. MLB will need to be added in the spring once the games start. This project will be completed and paid for well before then but the successful bidder will have to agree in good faith to finish MLB once the data becomes available. Requirements for this part of the project:

1) The program must be able to run in the background unsupervised and access the [url removed, login to view] website once an hour looking for new data to archive.

2) The program must be able to be called up on startup automatically so that it will run and extract data anytime the computer is on an an internet connection is available.

3) The program must offer the ability to show which games have been archived (i.e. by date, sport, and team at the very minimum) without having to export the data.

Part 2 - The creation of a program that will automatically place wagers at [url removed, login to view]

Ideally, the successful bidder will have some experience with online sports betting. You will have to open your own account there in order to be able to test the software. Pinnacle is the highest rated online sports book (see [url removed, login to view]). Thankfully, the minimum bet is $1US so a couple of final trials will not cost very much. I will not be responsible for any costs associated with testing the software at your end. When it comes time for me to test the software, I will probably only put in a small amount (like $100) for several days so I can be sure it is operating properly. I think initially it could be approached that the program takes it right up to where the user enters their password to confirm the bets. Once this has proven to work wihout error, only then will you need to have the program actualy be able to enter the password as well as deal with unexpected errors (the odds have changed so the bets have to be placed again or the time has expired and the bet is no longer available or the bett is not allowed etc.). A confirmation screen with a unique cofirmation number is given whenever a bet has been placed successfully. I think that if this screen is not seen, the program should go back to the main page and start over which would handle all of the unknown situations that could come up.

The way in which the bets are placed will be derived entirely by a user (me) defined formula that can change at anytime. The program must have the ability to accept the input of an Excel like formula in order to calculate if a bet should be placed on a certain game and how much that bet should be. For example, if I want to bet 5% of my bankroll on all NBA games when there is less than 2 minutes to game time and where the home team is the favourite, I may enter a formula similar to this:


The variables shown above are all on the sportsinsights webpage and are in close to realtime. The program must be able to watch this information and update its database with the current information. It does not need to archive the inprogress numbers but it will need to extract all of the numbers just live the program in part 1.

The project will be complete when I am able to run the program for 1 week continuously without errors. I will need support for 1 month after the completion date (the date you get paid) in case problems arise.

I would prefer to deal with someone who is familiar with online sports betting and terminology. Also, [url removed, login to view] does not permit USA residents to create accounts. Since you will need to create a program and test it their, you can not be from the USA. Also, you must be legally eligible in your jurisdiction to create and use an account at Pinnacle.

Skills: .NET, ASP, C Programming, PHP, XML

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