Urgent, PHP and C++ Project Only, $100 p/d

Hello to any and every programmer,

I need a quick job done. Payment is residual, as you will be included in the program itself. Estimated time programming is about 3-6 hours. I need it done in 2-3 days, at a very maximum.

Making a bid means applying for the Project; I DO NOT need scouters, so think carefully about the fact whether you can finish it in time.

You will always be using PHP and C++ to program, with additional Coding Languages at your disposal if you desire.

Here's the info on the required files:


Every person that starts programming and finishes these files in 2 days will be added in the program, regardless of what sent in program I choose in the end. Read this message through very carefully to find out your earning options.

// This has been thought out for months, and has been proven to work the way that it is, although on a smaller scale. //

I need a website hosting account, free hosting, whichever hosting that may be, but it needs to have the option to program in PHP, and should have a MySQL database. Data storage at a minimum -> about 3MB.

The website needs to interact with another program (.exe file, executable, for use on Microsoft Windows OS Computers), which you must also program.

The website needs to be able to store User ID's, and be able to store websites, belonging to these Users. The log-in data should be shown immediatly to the people who sign-up.

Now, you may only be able to log-in, and be validated daily, through the .exe program. You have to put an ID and PW store function into the program, and the program should generate a code via a keygen (Via a fixed formula, which the site will recognise).

People have to be able to change the sites (which will be in their member section) at any time, with a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 5. The first five sites (first, because they will be able to change them) will be asked on sign-up.

The .exe program should be programmed to open random sites (of all sites included in the database, 5 per member), maintain them (in a browser, which should not be shown to the user) and, throughout 10 minutes, open a random amount of links on that site -NOTE: Also links that are generated by scripts with variables, so my advice is not to use the source code of an opened site-- . The amount of links will differ between 2 and 10, and he should open between 40% and 70% of those links. My advice is that you program in how much sites he should open at any amount of links on the site. For instance, tell him to open 3 to 6 links when 8 links are shown, rather than let him calculate how much he should click. All clicks are via the program, thusly through the users IP-address. Of course, you should't be able to open your own websites, so make the site regulate that websites of the ID stored in the website datebase aren't clicked by that user.

[Here are the specifics: one user opens 150 random sites (and the links within), thusly from 30 users. Every users visits one site ONLY once a day, never the same two. Every site should be visited, daily, by 20 users. In the database, those numbers should be showned, stored daily, and thusly also resetted daily (at 00:00 (0 PM), GMT+ 0). The sites should be visited in the ratio 1:1:1:X, so all sites must be visited once before moving on to the next. The X marks the priority setting. A site from a user with a higher priority must be visited first (whichever user visits first), as the sites must be visited X times the normal ratio. All users with priority 2 sites should be visited 2 times, and all with 1 should be visited 1 time before moving on. Thusly, when all priority 1 sites have been visited 13 times, priority 2 sites should be visited 26 times, and priority 3 39 times.]

NOTE: the priority settings, which are explained in the next paragraph, are accounted for by those 20 users. If every user activates the program each day, we would logically have more than the required visits. This spill-over should be equally distributed along the other sites, disregarding priority. If 30 members log in, we would have 10x150 site visits (and link clicks times x -> random amount accordingly) to much. So, every user would get 50 additional site visits.

There should be an option to put users (and their sites, but it's about the users -> all sites should automatically be adjusted to their users priority) on a higher priority. In the database, which should be able accessed with an admin account, I should be able to change the priority number to any number I opt for. Default is priority 1.

In the Admin Panel, the columns should read Users | Sites from those users | Visit this day on sites| Priority user |

In the Admin Recording Panel, the columns should read | Users | Log-in? | . The Log-In determines whether the user has used the program (Not logged in on the site) that day, counting from 0PM GMT+0 to 0PM GMT+0 the next day.

Mind the 4 blank lines to be added in the | User | column under each user, as the sites are shown per user.

There will be 2 admin accounts; 1 for the programmer, 1 for me. My admin account should have the power to change the priority and delete the daily recordings, the programmer's (thusly: your own) shouldn't. Ownership of the free-hosting account is transferred to me, if the code has been validated as working.

As stated before, I should be able to Delete Recordings. Also, I should be able to change my password on the site; so should the regular users.

The .exe program should notify the user when it has completed its task, and should validate it's own task completion on the site, on which point the "Log-In?" changes to Yes. Pretty default, really.

A 3-line code that should be added is that users don't get clicks on their sites if they haven't been on-line the PREVIOUS day. If they're online the next, they will get visits/clicks again. (By now you should know what this is about). This ensures me of the fact that the program stays alive and efficient. So, if the recording shows No on the Log-In Tab for a specific user the previous day, he won't get visits the current day.

Lastly, you should also be able to activate this program without a log-in. You know, so you can make people SUPPORT us, or something of the like. It will validate it's completion at the end, and if the correct Username and PW are stored with the aforementioned function, it will change that database entry I also mentioned before. If this is not the case, it's simply a non-user visit.

How much will you earn? $100 a day per priority setting (so: per 20 users), guaranteed, may be up to 10 times more, and you get, like me, the initial founder of this idea, 1 priority per 20 users in this program, so $100 per day per 20 users. I expect on getting 200 the first 3 days I put this up. This also means there is no UPFRONT payment.


You now have all the required data to complete the files. When you finish these files, leave a PM in the PMB, and we can work out all the other details, including details and implementation of this system.

I'm looking forward to earning with you,

~ Joven Czechu

Skills: C Programming, Linux, PHP, Script Install

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