Bots System For PTC Site Plus a Few other Projects

I am looking for someone to create a BOTS system for my PTC site and I need it done soon as well I need a mass emailer that is connected to my database for which when I want I can email all 11,000 members of my site all at the same time. And I do not want to have to worry about manually installing all the members email addresses to the mass emailer. Also I have a chat room installed on my site that I wish to have it be able to use the database of my site to allow only members of the site to be able to use the chat room. And also I want to make sure that when they sign up for my website that they are also signing up for the chat room and make it so everything is working together.

Also I want someone to be able to install a feature for when members come to sign into their account they must put a check in the box saying they agree to the Terms of Service when signing into their accounts. I know for a good tech this will be a easy project to complete and I know that I will also be coming back to you for more projects as time goes on,so if you would like to be able to have some steady work give me a good price and later we can make things work out even better for us both.

I would also like this project to be completed within no more then 3 business days. This is the most important part of getting this project is the time period. I will not look at any bids that come in stating they will do it in 5 or 10 days.I have a time period and those are my terms. If you have another idea let me know what it is and why. Also I already have my budget for this project and I am not able to pay more then $150.00 at the max. I will be waiting to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.

This project well at least the BOT's System I need done as fast as possible. I need it to be completed by this weekend or the latest by 01/25/2010. That part of the project is the most important part and needs to be at the very top of the person list to be done first. This is why I am asking for only people that have worked on PTC sites before to apply for this project. I do not need to be wasting time telling a person how and why it needs to be done. Sorry but I do not want to sound rude to you but this is just a fact that can not be ignored.
Thank you

If anyone has questions about the project please ask me.If you have done this kind of project before let me know and if you check out then I may be willing to go a little higher on the price just for the Bots System. But you have to let me know and I need someone right away for this project.

I want to tell everyone right now that I am not looking for a Bots system for Google or any thing such as that for my site. What I am looking for is in regards to a PTC site of which members click on ads for money. And they rent Referrals from me to have those referrals click on ads for them so that the member can make money from the clicks the referrals make. That is the kind of Bots system I am looking to have installed into my site at Please do not send me anything telling me you know how to make a Bots system that work with Google and Yahoo and everything else because that is not what I am looking for now. I am looking for someone that knows about PTC sites and how they work and how the Bots systems work for these kind of sites(PTC). Please look and read what I am talking about.
Thank you!!

Also we have some other work that needs to be completed of which we will pay you extra for doing. Also we are looking at having someone to be able to work on our site regularly because we do have a lot of work coming in for that person. So this could turn into a full time job with a weekly pay. But we will speak of that after this project is complete. First I want to get the Bots System installed.

Skills: Adobe InDesign, CSS, PHP, Technical Support, Technical Writing

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