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Website with lots of functions

I actually am not sure what needs to be done. It can be wordpress OR joomla. Not sure if this needs to be PHP or VB etc. but essentially this is the task for now.

Flash Intro

-Space in background

-Image of earth while it rotates (Flash)

[url removed, login to view]

-Welcome to my World (Banner spinning with earth)

oCan person’s location be retrieved by IP address with a point on the earth that shows where the person is? For instance, if I bring the site up, can the rotating earth detect my IP address and a big arrow points to that place on the map? If not, not a big deal.

-Earth would have little flags for all the countries that have at least 10,000 users who have accounts on the site?

-Boxes would contain pictures pulled from cache if NOT logged in. If logged in, would pull pictures from friends, family, etc..

[url removed, login to view]

-Main site login

oUsing email address/password

oJoin Now

Maybe use Facebook?

oIf Logged in, option to continue to “users world”

Main Site Design

-When logging in site says “Welcome to * world”

o* is person’s name

For example, if Jeff logs in it will say “Welcome to Jeff’s World”


oUpload and display persons face etc.

Kind of in the background

-Click on a feature, like the radio, it zooms out larger, maximizes but in a semi transparent manner not overshadowing or blocking the background.

-Flash background

oSeveral to choose from

-Facebook plug-in

oTwitter link

Background Image ideas

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Music Player/Recorder

Would like something similar to [url removed, login to view] but the ability to “record” the song. I obviously dont

want to copy it but would like most of this functionality.

Streaming Radio

Would like something like Sirius or [url removed, login to view] where the player can play streaming music.

Music players etc. would be semi transparent meaning they wouldn’t clearly block the background.

I can expand more if you have the skill set for what I already provided.

OK. Here is what i am looking at.

Most of you are bidding X amount of dollars and asking for a significant chunk of that as a first milestone. That would be fine but it doesnt appear that anyone has completed a large project and/or they have no feedback.

Becauase of the amount of money involved and the complexity coupled with experience levels, i dont want any of us unhappy or disputing money or services.

I think a good way to measure this, for me to see a skill set, this project needs to be broken down into several milestones.

Milestone 1 and 2 - Flash Intro (I will provide half up front than the other half when completed.) This is probably the easiest of all that i am asking for. If
you disagree please let me know.

If the job i done to my liking and i see you have the skills required, we will move onto the website itself. This way, you get paid for what you did and i see
that you can do what you say you can do. You get paid and i am happy with the service.

Milestone 3,4,5 - Website per my requirements i mentioned in the posting. This will be broke into several chunks so i can track the process. Also, instead of one
giant probject, i can work with you step by step, see the progress and pay you as you go.

Milestones 6,7,8 - Recorder/player with functionality of It will not be 100% identical so i will work with you to tweak it.

Milestones 9,10 - Streaming radio like etc..

This also allows you to bail out of the project if you run into an area that is difficult while still getting paid for what you did. it also protects you from me holding money up.

PLEASE ADJUST YOUR MILESTONES TO REFLECT THIS. If you win the bid, i will create these milestones on the project. Also, whomever is able to build this project i expect
to keep on task for periodic additions, maintenance etc.

I apologize, i should have broken this down better from the beginning. I think this is the best approach for both sides so you dont waste your valuable time and same with me.

GOOD LUCK and i look forward to working with the winner!

Along with the TOTAL, please breakdown what you would charge for each portion of this.

Flash Intro
Streaming Radio

First i would like to thank everyone for taking the time to review this project and bid. With a project this complex I was looking for certain skill sets and experience level which was tough because many of you may have the skills required but it didnt quite reflect in your experience.

Perhaps we can work in the future and good luck to everyone!

Skills: Adobe Flash, Animation, PHP, Social Networking, Website Design

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