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Project details:

This website/application needs to use 2 aspects.

Both will be discribed below.

1) The advanced search option:

I basicly want a search website te be created using information that needs to recieved from several different other websites. I will try to explain myselve in what I want as good as I can for you.

My main business is the usenet download platform network. At this time there are severall different ways (forums and basic search-engines) for users to be able to search and see what can be downloaded within this network.

For example for a basic search-engine you can check the following websites for examples:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] ( on where you in most cases after typing you're search option (keyword(s)) you also need to click a checkbox in where to agree to there disclaimer or other(s) before any results will be displayed while on the First provided url: [url removed, login to view] this for example is not the case).

For example for a usenet forum using a username and a password before anyone will be able to fully use these websites you can checkout the following website(s)/ forum(s):

[url removed, login to view]


[url removed, login to view]

The bases about previous examples about what they provide for any user(s) is that you search and/or just see any uploaded post (this can be movies, applications, games etc…) to the usenet network so a user of the website will be able to know what there is to download and can download this when wanted. The difference is that the First to example url(s) are basic search-engines on where you need to be more experienced to know where to look for to makei t possible to download the right thing you are looking for, but these example websites dont realy provide any information about the showed search results. The second two examples are forum based websites. In this case you dont NEED to search for anything to be able to see any uploaded movie or whatever. Offcource there you will also be able to search for anything you want, but this is far more limited. On the other side on these forums anyone will be able to fully see any provided result (searched for or found because this or these upload(s) are directly displayed on the website(s) provided with most important details like filename, quality, image etc ….).

The basic search-engines used as example(s) by me in this case basicly provides not any further information about the found result on these website(s) and therefore these websites now are only used by the more experienced user and users that have already found the post he or she wants to download on for example any forum or any other way(s) on where the uploaded filename was displayed so this filename can be used to input on for example [url removed, login to view] or any other basis usenet search-engine after when the user is able to search for this post using that filename and trough that way will be able to select this upload (filename) and select the option to create an .NZB file to be able to start downloading the requested selection.

This is basicly a very old project of mine on where in the past another programmer was working on but I have never completed and to be honest even havent thought about until resently.

What I need is the following:

I need a websites build based on basicly a spider or crawler if you know what I mean using as you are used by me using a style of my choice on where user scan create an account and after that will be able to just search using any given keyword for anything he or she is looking for to after getting all possible results to be able to see all possible information that can be found about this post and when wanted to select this or when wanted more results displayed to create an .NZB file so it will be possible to downloaded the requested and selected uploaded post.

To try to give you a very different example, but as base a very simmular basic situation the basic idea about what my endresult is is the following example. This had nothing to do with the usenet-network or anything, but is just a simmular concept I now only use to try to explain what it is that I want.

If you are in this example case are looking for a used car, you can or search for the used car you want using several different website or just visit a website that basicly does exactly the same thing as I want the new website of this project needs to do.

At the following website: [url removed, login to view] anyone can search for any requested used car and this website then shows all possible results. If you check this website you can see that all results when you select this are redirecting you to another website. Why? Gaspedaal searches for the requested used car on all major websites in Holland. Therefor this website does not save any searchresults in its own database or anything, but just searches for the requested used car on all possible car websites and displayes all possible results using the same style on his own website. Please try a few searches at this website to fully understand what I try to explain using this example.

I need a website or application (and to be honest a prefer an aplication above a website so for this reason I hope to get 2 different prices and timeframes for completion from you. One based on webbased (application/website) and one based on a standalone application that can be downloaded to any own computer by any user and can be used from anyones own computer without having to go to any website. In this last case a database may be used when needed that will be stored directly on this users own computer. In now case there may be a database to be used of any kind when talking about a webbased website or application that needs to be running on our server in order to can be used). In case of a standalone application this needs to be windows based. Again … This last option I prefer above any other option, but I First hope to get two prices and timeframes for both options from you before I will and can deside witch way to go before starting this project hopefully together again.

For starters using at least the two provided example search-engines and offcource severall more simmular webbases search-engines I need the to be created “application” to do the following:

Any user after creating an account must be able to input any keyword to start searching at all possible locations (search-engines and also all selected forum(s) and other website(s)) for the requested post to download when displayed at the searchresults. Searchresults found crawling any search-engine as used as example above are limited with information, so for these searchresults I want this application to use some kind of algarytme try to detect any found result found at all possible 3d party search-engines to detect the right requested inputted keyword. Using for example binsearch there are also names being used as filmename that does not fully makes sence because this is not at all or otherwise fully related to the real uploaded post within these files. When one or more keywords can be found directly in the filename used by the 3d party websites I want these to be displayed in the requested order (by date, size or wathever, but always starting with the result using the most same keywords as used in the requested search). Also when inputting a keyword in the “application” I want the “application” to also check for this request at all possible forum(s) and website(s) so when on a forum a completely different filename is used that by logic had nothing to to do with the requested search this also will be displayed at the results in the “application” while otherwise these results would never had been displayed by the basic 3d party search-engines because the name of the files are not logicly named based on the uploaded post. When also checking all possible forum(s) and website(s) next to using all possible search-engines (provided by me offcource) will make sure to get the best and most correct possible results when searching for any kind of post uploaded to the usenet network. Any found result for the requested search must then be updated with all possible information when displayed in the “application”.

For example:

When searching for a movie at [url removed, login to view] you can only see limited information. I want any found result based on the keyword and also checked on any other location to be automaticly updated with all possible information using the original name of the found and requested search.

For example when looking for lets say the movie “World invasion, battle of LA” at [url removed, login to view] you will get a few results depending on the keywords u are using at this website and even then I just now got a result somewhere in the middle of all results that even have nothing to do with what I was looking for but is still not containing any extra information about the found result that at a website/forum can be viewed before I or anyone else can deside to select and download this or anything else. Below I will display a found searchresult as described above regarding this example:

243. La.Battaglia.Di.Algeri.1966.NO.NL.SUBS.XViD2DVDr-KNaBaB Powered by [url removed, login to view] [01/59] - "Battle of Algiers (1966).r00" yEnc (1/131)

collection size: 2.94 GB, parts available: 7993 / 7993

- 58 rar files

- 1 sfv file

- 9 par2 files

The First information regarding this example I have displayed just above this content witch only displayes the filename: “La.Battaglia.Di.Algeri.1966.NO.NL.SUBS.XViD2DVDr-KNaBaB Powered by [url removed, login to view]” and some other filename information used by the uploader of these post(files). In this case the title displayes that this post contains Dutch subtitles because it has the txt [url removed, login to view] in the title. I need the “application” to extract all possible information out of any found and in the “application” displayed result in order to display this correctly about this and any found and displayed result in the “application” but in order to to this as correctly and fully possible I need this information to be extracted out of as in this case the filename as well as by checking all found results also at all possible (in the application) listed website(s) and forum(s) so that when the same filename found at a 3d party search-engine that is also listed at one or perhaps more other location as well as a 3d party forum on where there is more information availible about this searchresult, the found information that in this case then is double checked at severall different locations will also be used for information about this result in the “application”.

Further information about the searcresult used for example above at [url removed, login to view] is:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]


At this example you can see as on the original 3d party website the name of the uploader, the usenet Group in where this post is uploaded by the original uploader and the age of the post(the number of days ago that these files where original uploaded to the usenet network).

When for example clicking on the name of the uploader you in this case will get to see this and also all other previous posts that are uploaded by this or any other uploader using this same username. This option needs to stay intact, but offcource needs to be displayed in the “application” using the same style, information about all given results etc. as is the basic idea for this project. Clicking on the uploaded Group ([url removed, login to view]) offcource is exactly the same principle as when clicking on the in this case the uploaders username.

Information about any searchresult must in all cases to be provided within the “application” using any information gathered using double checking any and all found possible resulsts when this can also be found ad any website/forum on where more and in some cases all possible information is already displayed. In this case all information can be displayed by just using the information provided by the uploader or spotter posted on one or website(s)/forum(s). Otherwise extra information needs to be searched for and used for display using other several websites.

For example using the same result as I'm explaining at this time using the following content fount by using the website [url removed, login to view] needs to be updated at and with at least the following information and others:

243. La.Battaglia.Di.Algeri.1966.NO.NL.SUBS.XViD2DVDr-KNaBaB Powered by [url removed, login to view] [01/59] - "Battle of Algiers (1966).r00" yEnc (1/131)

collection size: 2.94 GB, parts available: 7993 / 7993

- 58 rar files

- 1 sfv file

- 9 par2 files

All results needs to be sepperated by a box or line of some kind to directly see what information comes with what post etc …. Further as in the example just above there needs to be displayed a few extra options about the found result on where can be clicked so any extra information that the “application” had found about this result will be displayed for the user:

Extra options to select just below the as displayed example just above needs to be at least te following options:

1. Information about the post using the filename most be automaticly checked at several locations to check what kind of post it is(movie, game, application etc ….). When the title has been checked to be a movie users must be able to get a IMDB button on where they can click after where information about this movie displayed at the website IMDB will be displayed as for example a popup or whatever at the “application” without in this case ever leaving the original “application” and also without revealing the original location (in this case the IMDB website) from where the displayed information is extracted.

2. Exactly the same as with number 1 above I also want the same to be done using the website: This because my main target is the Dutch market and this website does exactly the same as IMDB but then using Dutch information.

3. In any case I also want a button on where there can be clicked for any coves based on the search that whas used. This must be searched for at for example the following website: [url removed, login to view] but perhaps alsow at one or more other websites.

Information as placed above must be optional in all cases. Also when a result has been found and/or checked and therefore updated using found results at website(s)/forum(s) on where perhaps all possible information is already availible. In these cases I want an extra button displayed called “forum information” on where can be clicked so all possible gathered information at one or more website(s)/forum(s) will be displayed, but even then I also want the 3 different additional options as displayed above to the present. In this case all information will be as complete as possible.

In rare cases when no possible information can be found I offcource want to always any option that can be found regarding the searchresult and additional options that can not be updated because no information can be found will be clickable with any possible information and any option that could not be filled in by the appliclation so does not contain any extra information will then automaticly not be clickable.

About the second examples using website(s)/forum(s) is basicly exactly as all just discribed just above. Please only keep in mind that for this option a backend for me as admin is required because these website(s)/forum(s) requires a username and password wherefore I need to be able to input and/or adjust in the backend of this “application”. I want to be able to manage all 3d party usernames and passwords in the backend of the “application” and even the url in case this changes in time a bit. For these website(s)/forum(s) I need and will create a username and password so the “application” will be able to login to those website(s)/forum(s) to search for all possible requested searches and all additional information displayed there about any found result. In case the account used by the “application” is delete dor anything by anyone of the staff I need to create another account for that website/forum and must be able to then input this new username and/or password for this website/forum into the backend of the “application” in order to make sure the “application” then is able to get and extract all needed information from that website/forum using the new created account.

A list of search-engines and website(s)/forum(s) will offcource be provided by me before starting this project. Please also keep in mind that this “application” must be able to be adjusted/updated by you in order to add additional websites etc… to its search options at a later time.

Further I must be able to place commercials on the website and other additional information as on any other given website. I want to be able to manage it so I can add and adjust content and also van add and adjust banners etc …

2) The normal overview of uploaded posts on 3d party websites:

On the example websites discribed above reagrding the website(s)/forum(s) are posts fully listed by the original uploader and/or spotter. All possible posts including all its information needs to be displayed on another page on this website/application.

I think I have covered all of the basics regarding the start of this project at this time. All other adjustments whe can always discuss in the future at any update of the “application” sow a new version can be released.

A screenshot regarding the basic style and options will be provided.

Skills: Anything Goes, Game Design, Magento, PHP

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