Websites and Forum Edits HTML, PHP, CSS, Graphic

* See Detailed Requirements for work.

* Complete all updates ON TIME without ERRORS.

* You are responsible for fixings issues caused by changes you make to the sites.

* Backup any files/databases you edit in case you make a mistake.

* Review the edits before submitting them to me.

* These sites are LIVE and receive traffic - Downtime is not permitted.

## Deliverables

[url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view]:

1. Update to latest version of PHPBB

2. Fix "custom search" dropping below the search bar on both homepages with different resolutions in Internet Explorer. You can duplicate by holding ctrl and scrolling up and down in IE while on the page. I have attached a screen shot showing this in 1.jpg.

3. Move over the "Online" banner. Right now it overlaps the username. See 2.jpg.

4. By default, current social share buttons want to share the forum sign up graphic.

I would like it to share [url removed, login to view] instead. I would prefer this not to be visible on the page being shared if possible.

5. Block users from signing up for user accounts in the forums that do not live in north america.

6. Change the "bookmark" button on the homepage to the second option offered here:

<[url removed, login to view]>

7. Move social buttons/"View first unread post" button throughout the forum to where they are shown in 3.jpg.

8. View [url removed, login to view] and after.jpg. I need this done throughout the forum. This is reducing the width of the forum by removing about 10% from the last post column. Please remember to adjust this throughout the entire forum including within the treads and main area. This has to be done on a percentage basis because the website is built to scale to lower resolutions.

9. The side ads are missing from this page:

<[url removed, login to view]>

You can see the ads properly here:

<[url removed, login to view]>

The [url removed, login to view] search results needs to look like the [url removed, login to view] results

Secure Link

1. Change More info and Order now buttons @ [url removed, login to view] to standard form buttons. Retain text colors and size of buttons.

2. For some reason these pages are not centered in IE. Please align them as the rest of the site is.

<[url removed, login to view]>

<[url removed, login to view]>

<[url removed, login to view]>

3. Adjust web design questionaires @ [url removed, login to view] (These must work as intended when finished.):

Ensure all text and text boxes are properly vertically centered with each other in all browsers.


REMOVE the row that says "Estimate Number Of Products:".

Add this above "Other Notes and Questions:" Row:

Describe what features you like on the above pages: - Full 3 Line Text Box

*What purpose would you like the website to serve? - Full 3 Line Text Box

*Will you need assistance updating your website? - Radio Buttons Yes No Maybe


Add this above "Other Notes and Questions:" Row:

Describe what features you like on the above pages: - Full 3 Line Text Box

*What purpse would you like the website to serve? - Full 3 Line Text Box

*Please describe your organization? - Full 3 Line Textbox

*What does your business provide? - Full 2 Line Textbox

What is your market niche? - Full 3 Line Textbox

How would you like your audience to view your business? - Full 2 Line Textbox

*Do you currently have a logo that you can provide? - Radio Button Yes No Maybe

*Do you have a slogan or tagline? - Full 1 Line Textbox

*What is your general budget range for this project? - Half 1 Line Textbox

*Will you need assistance updating your website? - Radio Button Yes No Maybe

[url removed, login to view]

1. Recreate the Full [url removed, login to view] with everything being a scalable vector. The Causeful text and "When you Shop We donate" text is a vector but everything else is not and needs to be. This needs to be a near PERFECT MATCH. The ripple you see in the full logo is photoshop's Ocean filter with an intensity of 1. This is only done to the earth and circle/hands and not to the text.


Analyze and provide a quote to reduce the CPU load for It is a word press based site that currently is using about 15% average CPU load. I need a detailed quote that includes everything you will do to reduce the load of the site and with an estimate of how much it will be reduced. This will be a separate cost/project.

Skills: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photoshop, PHP, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Web Hosting, Website Management, Website Testing

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