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Agreement for finishing the profject : 398905

This job description is for team Webmentors only. No bidding by others needed .

AGREEMENT FOR Buy and sell, classifield ads site, advanced. is project number 398905

Project Link - [url removed, login to view]

The Agreement is betweem provider WEBMENTORS and is signed by the manager Manish for verification

Webmentors - There is a pending escrow which was decided to be released on Sunday 20th December 2009 by the Buyer , and as it is released we will move with the second stage of the project with Buyer .

And if the escrow is not released on the given date This Agreement will not be valid .

Second Stage:


Webmentors will make all site pages and categories dynamic

Webmentors will make the pages sorting ads be like [url removed, login to view] (have the same functions)

Webmentors will implement subcategories for the car,mc,boat categories and make it work with admin.

Webmentors agreed to finish all above issues to customers satisfaction.

If any bugs appears under process of dynamic pages, ads sorting or subcategories

it will be fixed and not go under the 60 days free bug support.

60 days free bug support covers all issues below and new ones that might come up while adding new functions to the site or editing old ones.


1: Supportcenter has errors on template. The menubar is missing the right corner and bottom template. (see image: [url removed, login to view])

2: The on/off page is missing the template and is not showing the "on/off text" we write on the "site-on/off" page in admin. (See image: [url removed, login to view])

3: Popup windows like "tell-a-friend", "read more" etc must have same colour as the rest of the site. (See image: [url removed, login to view])

4: I tested the car rentals search engine with a search for a 7 days rental (14/12 to 21/12) at Milan Malpensa airport. It returned results in both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer,

however it appears that only the first 3 cars are displayed and there is no option to scroll down to see other vehicles.

The source code behind the engine shows that the scroll bar option is not active on our site.

In order to get this running you have to implement the first piece of code given in the Layout Menu (Engine Management section) of our CarTrawler account, (see image: [url removed, login to view])

5: I registered a account and added a profile image. now i posted a ad and image(profile) does not display. I also created a charity account

and added a image. Image does not [url removed, login to view] is also a problem when "previewing ads" images must be uploaded before previewing ad,

or they dont show in the preview. Upload button is a great problemsolver for this. (See images: [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view])

6: Displaying images in ads is not correct. Images that are small do not stretch. Images that are large must be stretched. See image: imagestretch.png.

Also when a user click on the image to view image in original size, there must be a "close" button.

7: The scrollbar in viewing ads looks bad,same with the map image. please just replace theese 3 images, see image: [url removed, login to view] (please use images: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and map.png.)

8: On Frontpage users must be able to search by Ad ID. Every ads have its ID and its searchable. see image [url removed, login to view]

9: When a not logged in user looks at a AD and try to report it. Click report when not logged in. You get redirected to the login page.

login. Not you automatically get redirected to your profile. You should always be redirected to the last page you were. In this

case you should be redirected to the reporting ad page?

10: Search field for packages in admin must be implemented as finding packages is hard now.

11: Saved ads dont work like its supposed to work. see image: [url removed, login to view]

12: Travel, flights dont work. Its supposed to work like this: [url removed, login to view]

13: Travel, hotels dont work. Its supposed to work like this: [url removed, login to view]

14: I go to admin and add norway cities. Theese cities dont show up when looking for property in norway. Add city in state: sør-trøndelag. Go to property and press "søt-trøndelag". Subcat does not exist error message.

15: Please remove the bbcode when posting ads, and replace with a ordinary text field. We was supposed to have a custom bbcode with no images etc, this is not there. So please replace bbcode for users when posting ads, and replace with a text field.

16: Brands and models must be sorted alphabetically, not random, see image: [url removed, login to view]

17: bodytypes etc must have sentered text under. see image: [url removed, login to view]

18: Go to car, car. choose model: lancia. Press view all. What is this? What is the purpose of the view all button here?

19: Users that have no profile image get a standard avatar, see image: [url removed, login to view] and use [url removed, login to view]

20. In old templte (see: [url removed, login to view]) we had places for ads that never got on new templte. See [url removed, login to view] to see where to have the new space:

We should use google adsense or company ads here. So make it editable in admin so we can just implement google code or company banner.

In admin you can call is "Places for Ads".

21: View carfax, check for loans, visit sellers website etc, ALL external links must be in a popup-window, NOT leave our site.

22: Move the "discount code" box to the summarypage (with upload button), here it can affect the total price.

23: Weather. Forget about the old ideas we had about this and just insert google maps, with europe as the starting screen. Fit to site.

Enable weather channel option on this map. See info: [url removed, login to view]

You can use our google account to do this so we can add more to this map later on. Google login: , password: kogs2009 .

24: Since we cant remove the "go-currency" brand at the currency calculator (in travel), we have purcased a simple

flash currencyconverter, please just replace the old one with this one. File:

25: Try and register as a travel dealer. No packages display and i tried creating packages here, but not possible.

26: In boats, press marinas for rent. This should have a norway map next, same as property, to choose where to rent marinas.

27: SEO is not correct, see text file: seo.txt. This is main seo that is most important.

28: Progressbar is not showing any progress, see image: [url removed, login to view]

we are also currently running a video sharing site, please take a look at: [url removed, login to view]

here we have a progressbar that works just fine. see image: [url removed, login to view]

DO you want acess to this server to get theese nessesary files? To see how things work?

29: When user have placed an ad (paid or free) He will get to a afterpayment page. see [url removed, login to view] . Here the user can choose

wether go to ad, go to profile, go to frontpage. Icons for those links = see [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]

When user have uploaded an ad he must get email verification where ad is located, ad ID, verification on payment (IF payd ad)

nr of days the ad is showing and end date.

30: Users should not be able to disable messages on account for both email and account on the same time, see image:[url removed, login to view]

also messaging when not logged in does not work now, just when logged in.

31: users must be able to close popup windows when viewing images in full size, see image: [url removed, login to view]

32: The preview page must be blank and NOT contain any links or search boxex, this may confuse the customer, see image: [url removed, login to view] and make a page like that one, so customers ONLY can preview there, not press anything else.

33: move the discount code to the summary page and make it affect the total price, so users can get discount our of the total price. see image: [url removed, login to view]

34: registering, must have readmore button, to know what to choose: see image; [url removed, login to view]

35: hide the charity pages, theese contain errors that we feel we can fix later. Dont delete charity, just hide it for now.

(this includes hiding the donations fields in placing ads categories, donate now etc and every thing that is with charity needs to be hided)

36 : profiled ads and summary page.

37 : Site must function in all new browsers and old ones (opera, google chrome, IE6-7-8, firefox)

With this agreement we must give daily updates on the project. If this is not delivered , the byer gabsterino will recieve an extra day free bug fix

for each day a daily update is not delivered. (Apart from sundays or any working hollyday)

Manish (Webmentors)

Skills: Graphic Design, Java, PHP, SEO

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