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I have a bachelors in business and a bachelors in marketing. I have been extremely successful in all of my ventures. I am looking to create a total solution for everyone on the net. This is for people who need a place to become more productive and efficient. I am not the average buyer so be prepared to sharpen your pencil. I want to own the software, no affiliate programs or cookie cutter sites.

I am well versed in programming, but I do not have the time or patience to do the project myself. I find that employees are incompetent and would like a firm to handle this for me.

The website is [url removed, login to view] , I am looking to create a virtual community of software capable of sustaining all kinds of business from a single site. I would like the clients to also be able to create their own sites or I will create the site for them, that would connect to certain features for their use. I need a full advanced affiliate system to pay commission to people, and pay based on their own mini site reselling my services. I want to sell cookie cutter sites to resellers that of course links to my original. All users will of course have their own admin style section for their parts of the site.

The site will open as a virtual community, called icammunity. You may use my existing design.

The places to go within the community is navigated through links or categories.

The main page needs to have current live cams, that rotate like the movies at [url removed, login to view]; the top flash file. This page will also contain news and articles pertaining to my site such as [url removed, login to view] scrolling news section or [url removed, login to view] scrolling news section. Advertising from area businesses and all of the access buttons. I would like short video advertising before cam shows start.

The first category is Adult, this is already handled through a company called 2much. I feel that their live streaming cams are very high quality and surpasses some of the examples that I viewed on other sites. I will keep them for this particular section. Under the adult section I would like to use your software for video rentals. Cam performers need to be capable of easy video recording and uploading for the rental category that would pay them a percentage of the total charged, and create a mini site bio page of themselves similar to myspace. This page needs to tell when a user is in chat mode, and link to the users files.

The second category is the business category. I would like to house the programs capable of member only file sharing, video conferencing with audio and desktop sharing. This section is so that businesses can house training videos, hold virtual conferences, upload files for employees to download, and have live training sessions for a group of individuals. This section needs to be capable of viewing webcams in a group and display a users desktop for program training. Similar to the boonex project. The last item would be for businesses to create their own virtual 800 number through a telecom style system. This will route calls and provide long distance as well as virtual attendant and extensions. I would like to also add a sub category for businesses to make their own site housed within the community for social networking and business advertising. Searchable by the normal items for local area.

The third category is education. This will allow colleges and professionals to create their own charged by the month, minute, class, whatever they choose, style virtual school. Again this will use the same software that is housed under business for group chat and desktop sharing if needed for the lessons. The member can also download lessons and upload homework. Again this will need to allow schools to classify their own programs within a mini site housed under the main site. This section will also have study group chats, and a way to communicate with the teachers.

The fourth category will be for experts. This section will house professionals within their fields, church, psychics, life coaches, diet experts, etc. This will contain live shows, vod, etc. Every person needs to be capable of creating a bio page, housing videos, pics, information, again similar to myspace or vspace. Boonex and VPNINC are both capable of this, but I want a total solution.

The fifth category will be friends and family. This will house virtual dating, again signup to create profiles, searches, upload photos, share videos, and meet in a video chat. This will be similar to skadate software. Again, I have found many different softwares capable of performing all of the functions of my site for a lot less, but I want a total solution. The staying connected section will contain a way for the member to create a group chat room where the whole distant family can come and chat. I will replace the video personals link with "cinechat" (this is a virtual theatre where people can sit in virtual seats, watch a full streaming video, and chat with eachother) so that people can visit the local theatre for a movie, and pay a fee to view the movie. I have a license to obtain new movie titles before they release on dvd, so I think this would be a great feature.

The sixth category will be icammunity live. This will be used for broadcasting live concerts, and local events. Again advertising videos or commercials will be played during or before the video starts.

The last category will not be nightlife as described on the current site it will be Shopping, but a vitual shopping mall. Clients can create their own store with ease and begin selling online for a monthly fee, upload product videos, current item videos and advertisements, live cams of their businesses; so users can see their favorite businesses in actions, etc. I would also like them to be able to sell items at auction. Similar to phpprobid (I have a phpprobid license of you want to use their software). Under shopping I will have sub categories, autos, home, business, etc. I want car lots to create a virtual lot and be able to list their inventory, same with realtors, and businesses. All of this is capable of sending live video and audio chats whenever the client wants. Like a thirty minute car commercial live on sunday or something.

The site will be ever changing and I will be adding to the site as I build my business. I need the site to be user friendly and creatable. This will allow the site to grow and expand with the input of clients. The site will be a giant ever changing community, such as the great geocities from back in the day. The site will be like the real world online. Businesses coming and going, people coming and going, live everything, and all for a super low pricing structure that will change depending on the category. User creatable categories under their personal profile, and they can change and do whatever they want. This will be a super advanced myspace, youtube, yahoo groups, video chat sites, gotomeeting, news, and telecom companies are in one convienent site.

Please understand that when I get successful I give a lot of money to the individuals that helped to make it happen. Also understand that I am not incompetent and can achieve my dream for a super low cost using myself, or scripts currently available. I also know that they have 90% of this software in place and already created, and it can be interchangable for different categories, so implementation should be fairly simple.

I need the project manager to assist me in creating a ccbill or whatever your preferred processor account. Pick and choose the software that best suit my needs. I would like full screen video capablility.

This needs to be innovative and very professional. Please do not bid if you are not capable of this.

In the current economic times that we are currently going through you either want my money or not. I have several other programming companies waiting for me to say "YES." I have done a lot of research on your company and find that you would be capable of completing the entire project. I am looking to start the project immediately. So sharpen your pencils and earn my business.

If you can add anything cool that I may not know about that would enhance the project please include in your bid.

This is confidential and proprietary information. By viewing this you will submit a bid only if you are capable of performing the project and will not steal any of my concept ideas.

Depending on the bid, I may be able to stretch my budget. I am saving cash for the marketing portion.

Good Luck

Thank you.

Skills: Adobe Flash, AJAX, Anything Goes, Java, Javascript, PHP

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