fantasy stock xchange script


We are looking for someone who can code in php/mysql an online fantasy celebrity stock exchange.

Tell me the project cost.


An online system that using a standard set of rules (will be given) and using a weighted point system when news is posted (ie. we weigh good/bad each article on a given celeb to sway its movement on news), a celebrity's stock will go either up or down just like the real market. In addition, supply and demand will also move the stocks. Members will use their existing account on the site and be given X amount of dollars to begin with which they can then buy or sell equities within the web site.

Key Points (backend):

- A backend admin should allow the addition of new celebrities (IPO's) and set price as well as amount of shares and dividend payout

- Splits should be administered from the backend and all shareholders holdings changed accordingly

- The ability to view each members holdings and change it from a backend

Key Points (frontend):

- Members can manage their portfolio

- Scrolling ticker shows most active stocks

- Members can put in market orders (limit orders can come in the next version unless you can program this in properly)

- Market runs 24/7

- Articles we post on the web site are given a weight of 1 to 10. 1 being REALLY bad news (ie. Michael Jackson guilty on molestation charges) and 10 begin REALLY good news (ie. Michael Jackson not guilty on charges) and will affect a stock accordingly. We already have an article system in place, so we would add another field.

- A set of key points that trigger basic movement up or down - (ie. we could go in and say that all actors are in bull mode and generally trade up...should also tie in with supply and demand)

- Daily recaps of top traders, top stocks, biggest gainers and losers

I think that is it for now.

I am looking for a price in USD as well an ETA and you must provide 2 sample pieces of work along with 1 reference. Location does not matter provided you can show the above.

If you've programmed such a script before please let me know and we can work on a different pricing plan for that.

BBC has a similar site - [url removed, login to view]

Tell me the project cost.

Thank You.

Skills: Javascript, PHP

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