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We want to build a system that presents feedback to a user in a predetermined order. The setup of the feedback page and the actual content of the feedback page should be read from a database.

The system should have a backend that is only accessible by an admin and a frontend that is accessed by the user.

1) setup of feedback page (backend)

The feedback page is in matrix form and should follow the attached file [url removed, login to view] (this serves as an example). The system should be capable of generating pages as shown in the example from the following information:

- matrix layout eg 2 X 5 (ie 2 rows, 5 columns, ie 10 cells)

- matrix row labels eg Gamble A, Gamble B ...

- matrix column labels eg Payoff 1, Payoff 2...

- cell content in matrix form eg 10, 230, 140, 128, 300 for row 1

- task id to identify different versions - the task id should be determined from a session variable called 'version'

2) actual feedback (frontend)

The actual feedback uncovers cells in a pre-defined order one after the other or in groups. In the attached screenshot [url removed, login to view] the first cell is opened, then there should be a delay, eg, 1 second, then the second cell is opened (see [url removed, login to view]).

This should be done with the following information read from a database again:

- order of feedback from a vector that determines the cells to be opened: 4 9 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 10 -> in this example cells are consecutively numbered from row 1 in reading order left to right 1, 2, 3... (so that the left most cell in row 1 is cell 1, the right most cell in row 2 is cell 10) the example vector tells the system to open first cell 4 then cell 9 ... and cell 10 as the last cell. Another example could be: 4 9 [1 2 3 5 6 7 8 10] here the first cell openend is 4 then cell 9 is opened, then all of the other cells are opened at once (indicated by [])

- delay between cell openings defines the pause between cell openings

- additionally there should be an option to add colors around the cells after they are opened - as in [url removed, login to view] the light blue around the 128 - this should be optional.

- when a cell is opened there should be a possibility to add text at a pre-defined position above the actual feedback that is shown synchronous with the cell opening. eg cell 9 is opened and above the feedback the text 'This is the option you did not choose' is displayed.

The feedback system has to be integrated in a program called RMS we use to guide users through different webpages. This can easily be done through a short form command we will send to the provider.

We will provide escrow payment of 50% of the agreed price after start of the project.

We want to see a fully working version on the providers server. Then the other 50% will be transferred into escrow before the code transfer.

Skills: AJAX, Javascript, PHP

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