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Guitar / Piano chord/scale creator + searchable tab/lyric writer

I would like to create a system where users can add guitar or keyboard tab notation and attach lyrics to each section selected(Intro, Verse, Chorus, Pre-CHorus, Bridge, Outro, Solo etc).

For examples on notations:

[url removed, login to view] (guitar)

[url removed, login to view]


[url removed, login to view];tipo=B (bass guitar tabs)

[url removed, login to view];tipo=B (guitar tab)

So users can submit tabs and lyrics of songs but each section can be searcheable depending on the chord progression.

So let us say there is a song with a chorus which goes G D C progression. If users want to find a song with similar chorus progression, then it can find songs with similar chord progression in the chorus. I want the system to be able to transpose despite the key it is in. For example G D C progression is the same as A E D which is the same as B F# E. Obviously someone with basic music knowledge is necessary for this project.

Please check out [url removed, login to view] I am looking to build this to the system. sers to also be able to select song structures for each section of the song (intro, verse, prechorus, chorus, solo, bridge) and for each section to be able to write the lyrics and above the lyrics to be able to select the chord that is part of the song. Please look at [url removed, login to view] as as an example. Basically each chord will be hyperlinked with a picture on how to play the chord type. In order to add chords, users must use the chord writer ([url removed, login to view]) which automatically creates a tab version of the chord (check [url removed, login to view] to see how tab is created).

Users that do not know the chord name can add notes and the chord is created ([url removed, login to view]). Also the chord progression is automatically created for each section ([url removed, login to view]) and the ability to transpose/translate the chord progression under a different key/note.

eg there are 12 notes in music C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B

If the chord progression was A A# B (Root, +1, +2 positions), then in the key of F# (7th note) the translation would be F# G G# (ROOT, +2 from root, +3 from root). Another example is Am B E (ROOTm, +2 from root, -5 from root) then the translation in the key of D (3rd note) would be Dm E A .

Obviously by using this same idea, scales / chords based on guitar tuning can adjust. These right now are based in standard tuning (EADGBE). What I want added to this script is the ability to do everything using other guitar tunings. So instead of the guitar tuning be EADGBE it can be FADGBE (the first string tuning is 1 fret higher (from E to F notes it is 1+ step). Basically everything remains the same in all EXCEPT everything in regards to the first string where every note is pushed 1 step higher. This is reflected in the results when alternate tuning is used. Same applies if other tunings are used eg DADGAD string tuning = G tuning (since G chord is composed of G A D notes). So from reference standard tuning (EADGBE) the new formula for DADGAD will be (-2,0,0,0,-2,-2)

These are simple music theory mathematics based on the facts that there are 12 possible notes and each note is given a number from 1 til 12 then based on what is selected, the progression is readjusted by adding/subtraction notes depending on the reference chord progression difference.

I have posted this in the past and wasted 6 months with a developer who achieved nothing. This will ONLY be escrowed paid and in installments. Please do not waste my time if you have no idea about music theory. No experiments. I want someone who can do this and fast.

Skills: Adobe Flash, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, XML

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