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I need members to be able to upload their profile image (main photo) and choose which section of the photo to display based on this script: [url removed, login to view];id=12 (demo found here: [url removed, login to view]). This will only apply to their primary image (the photo shown on their profile page). The system currently generates a second image to use for the thumbnail, and this is fine. This cropping script only applies to the full view of the main photo, which is viewable on the profile page and through the gallery. The main photo should be proportional to a width of 253 pixels, and a height of 205 pixels.


Members will be uploading images of all various sizes. This just doesn't look very good. For a cleaner look I'd like to implement this script for all thumbnail pictures, excluding the main photo and main photo thumbnail. [url removed, login to view] Thumbnails will be width of 92 pixels, height of 74 pixels. The thumbnails should show as much of the original photo as possible, while keeping the thumbnail in the specified dimensions.


Currently photos are strangely stretched or skewed when you view the full size image outside of the site. View an image in the gallery in full size, then right click and choose View Image to see what I mean. I'd like this fixed to show the full size photo in its original size (same as how it's viewed on the page)


I'd like to dynamically add a small watermark to all gallery photos. The watermark should be the member's profile URL in plain text (no logo) located at the bottom right corner of the photo. The watermark only applies to full size photos, not the thumbnails. I'd like the watermark to be in a grey color (#666666) so that's it's visible on both light and dark photos. If this increases server load too much, then adding the same watermark (only the website URL) to all photos will be an alternative.


Currently, when a member uploads a new photo, all of their photos are contained in one section. They basically have one album and that's it. I'd like to allow members to create an unlimited number of albums to organize their photos. Members should be able to name each album, and choose a cover photo for each album, just like on myspace. The cover photo can be chosen form the photos contained in that album. The same image cropping script used for gallery thumbnails should apply to this album cover photo so that all gallery covers are the same size. Member shoul have the ability to rename albums as they choose. Limits on the number of photos members can upload is controlled thorugh the admin panel, this limit should still apply to the member's total number of photos, and not the number of photos per album.


When a member uploads a new photo, they should have the option of labeling it as an adult photo. On the [url removed, login to view] page, there should be a checkbox beside each photo field that says “Mark as Adult Photo”. When they check this option, the photo will not be seen by guests, or members under the age of 18. Instead there will be a default photo and thumbnail. The adult photo can still be viewed by members over the age of 18, and the photo should still be listed in the public galleries just like all other photos, only hidden from minors and guests. There should also be a place at the top of the upload page that explains the Adult Photo Option. Members under the age of 18 can not upload adult images. The Adult Photo checkbox and explanation at the top of the page just don't display on their upload page


Members should be allowed to create private photo galleries. Private photo galleries can only be purchased using points in the Point Shop. Example 20 points = 1 Private Gallery. Members can have an unlimited number of private galleries, but each gallery will cost more points. The photos contained in the private gallery are still counted towards the member's total photos used (which is set in the admin panel). The number of points each private gallery costs is also controlled from the admin panel, along with all of the other Points Shop items. Private galleries are listed along with all other photo galleries, but the member can not choose an album cover. All private galleries have a default Album Cover. Each member can choose which other members have access to their private galleries by adding or removing their usernames from a list. Each private gallery has a seperate list of members who have access so that the owner of the album has full control over who sees their private photos. Private Galleries can not be given away like other gifts in the point shop.


Members should have the ability to purchase additional photo space using their points in the Points Shop. Example 100 more photos = 20 points. Additional Photo Space can not be given away like other gifts in the Points Shop. The price of additional photo space can be set in the admin panel like the price of other items in the Points Shop. Members can purchase additional photo space from the points shop as many times as they like, as long as they have enough points to pay for each new block of space.

Skills: Javascript, PHP

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