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I need someone who is a PHP expert, and who is also familiar with the swoopo clone scripts. I have a complete script but there are enhancements I would like to have programmed. My previous programmer was let go because of lack of communication and lack of understanding these requests. So, Good communication, and understanding of the tasks, is most important to me.

One of the things that I really want to make sure works right is the affiliate program. My options are to use a third part affiliate software like Post Affiliate Pro (I'd like your opinion on that) or to use the affiliate program built in already. Basically everyone who registers already gets an affiliate URL. Then when someone signs up with that URL, the first user gets credited. That part works. Here are the features I would like to have for the affiliate program:

1. Clean up the existing affiliate program as follows:

a. Affiliates are paid cash rewards once per month, via paypal, on the 15th of the month for payments received the previous month. i.e. Aug 15 I will pay for all earned up to July 31st.

c. There should be a report I can generate showing all earned affiliate commission, list by user, and showing the amount of commission earned to date, amount paid out so far, last payment date, and amount still to be paid. There is an existing report, but it needs to be modified. Then there should be a button next to the user that I click to take me to a payment page where I can copy the paypal transaction ID and submit so the system will show the user that their commission has been paid. I'm open to suggestions on how exactly this should work.

d. I will only pay if commission is above a certain threshold, i.e. $50, so any amounts less than $50 will carry over to the next month.

e. On the user account side, they should be able to see for each affiliate signup, whether it has been paid, and if so, when it was paid along with paypal transaction ID. They should also be able to see the cumulative amount earned, cumulative amount paid and oustanding amount.

f. If a user has an affiliate who buys bids, then wants a refund, the refund should trigger the system to take away the commission from the referred user. My thought on this is to give users 7 days from purchasing bids to request a refund of unused bids. That way if a user buys bids on July 31st, they cannot ask for refund until after Aug 8 in order to prevent their affiliate from getting a commission for bids that were refunded. Still trying to decide how best to handle this, I'm open for any suggestions on how best to handle this.

2. I also want to see the Auction type and Auction duration be made more consistent with each other. Basically, I think there should be 5 types of auctions, a default (1 penny), a 2 penny, a 4 penny, a 6 penny and 10 penny auction. There should also be options for each auction for the time increment. They should also have an option like: Nailbiter (where the auto bidder is not allowed). These options are built in, but just not in the way they should be logically managed.

3. I would also like the ability to change an auction while it is in progress. Right now you can edit the auction, but it resets everything, which it shouldn't do. I only want to be able to do certain things, i.e. change the end time, or change the list of bidding users during the auction. Also, I would like to implement a "closed bid" feature like on swoopo (activated before or during the auction), so that once the reserve is met I can make the auction closed so no new bidders can join in the auction. This will keep an auction from going on forever, and allow the bidders who have already bid, to have a better chance at winning. There should also ber an option I can trigger after an auction has begun, to make it so the timer will reset to no more than a certain time, i.e. 20 seconds, or 2 mins. This is so that if several bidders place auto bids, and the timer could theoretically go to 30 mins... I don't want it to go beyond a certain time.

4. I want the ability to use the reserve price such that if the reserve is not met by the time the auction ends, then all paid bids will be refunded/returned to the users. There is a reserve price field already. I want the bids refunded immediately and a message sent to the user stating they received a refund and to invite their friends so we will have more bidders next time.

5. I want the timer to show the words "going, going, gone for the last 3 seconds instead of the actual time. So, when the timer should be at 3 seconds left it should display "Going..." then when the timer is at 2 seconds it should show "...Going" then when the auction has ended, the timer should show "GONE!" and maybe a sound file to play "Biddango!" when someone wins an auction.

6. I also need help with incorporating a new design into the scripts. I'm having the design made, and will have it in html / css format, but I'll need your help with integrating it into the site.

7. There are numerous misspellings throughout all the files, I would like that to all be cleaned up. There are also several little things that need to be fixed such as adding an option for "ALL" to several drop down boxes in the admin section, and also wherever there is a drop down box for the country, make the default show as "United States". I want the reports to be more efficient, i.e. there should not be so many levels to drill down and there should be more than 10 results on a page. I will want to change some of the fields that are shown on some of the reports. On the products page, there is no option for the admin to view what the product will look like during the auction, it needs a preview feature.

8. I need better reporting and tracking of users when they win an auction. There needs to be a better process (or flow) in place to track a user from the time they win, til they pay, and then when the item is shipped.

9. I want to show the info for placed bids and everything else like swoopo does so the users can see how much was spent on an auction. This is for after an auction ends.

10. I need someone who can reliably and responsibly go in and test everything.

In your bid, please confirm you have read and understood all of my requests.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the project details. I look forward to finding a professional who can help me get this site ready to go live.

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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