Similar to Kings of Chaos "Game Over" Stats Script

I'm looking for something nearly identical to the Game Over or Automatic Creations (preferably Game Over) stats logging scripts designed for use with the online game Kings of Chaos. Both of these, and other similar scripts, use a PHP-based backend located on another server (in this case, it'd be on my server) and interface with Kings of Chaos on the client-side, using a script loaded into the Firefox plugin Greasemonkey.

Such a script serves both sides of the same 'function' -

A, It's used to read data that a player is capable of seeing (this is based on his/her in-game Spy stats), such as other player's treasury values and results from reconnaissance missions. and insert said data into the external database via the PHP backend


B. When a user can't see a treasury value because his/her spy stats aren't good enough, it alters the diplayed HTML to show the most recently logged value in the database. It also shows the most recently recorded primary stats (attack, defend, spy, sentry) for that player on the player info page. As multiple players use a script, often there will be statistics that one player can find out on his/her own and another cannot, except through logs stored on this database with this script.

Additional functions -

- Target List. The script reads and logs the army size and strike action statistics of the user in question when he/she loads the "command center" - the front page when logged in. It then alters the link sidebar to include "Targets" - a list of players recently logged who have a lower defensive action than that user's strike action, ordered by last reported treasury value (descending).

- Lockout - Every player using the script would have to be approved by an admin via a simple administration panel, or the script would be disabled.

- News - Admins can set "news" to appear in an added section on the command center page for all users.

-Attack & Sabotage Logs - log every attack (both successful and failed) and sabotage mission (both successful and failed). If successful, also log damage done by both sides and gold stolen for attacks/raids, and the number of weapons and type of weapon sabotaged for sabotage missions. Make these logs completely accessible via the admin panel.

-Hotkeys - alter certain pages so that keyboard hotkeys can be hit to click certain buttons on the page, such as "a" for Attack and "r" for Recon.

- Add buttons to the armory for each weapon that auto-fill the related purchase amount field with the maximum number of said weapon affordable with current amount of gold.

I've attached screenshots of game pages as they normally appear (prefixed original_) as well as some pages with the Game Over script enabled (prefixed GO_). GO_Targets is a page generated entirely by Game Over. I couldn't upload all my screenshots, but as you likely will have to join the game to develop this ([url removed, login to view]), you might as well see the script in action - join the alliance Sweet Revenge install Game Over. Just don't tell them you're thinking of developing a script as they may limit your access - players take this game very seriously and alliances like to "defend" their databases from other alliance spies, etc. (As such, I cannot provide screenshots of an admin panel or backend PHP code, but I can tell you it's PHP/MySQL on the server and Greasemonkey-styled JavaScript on the client.)

Considering that A. this is for a game, and B. this isn't coding an entire website, just an addon to one, I'm setting this as a simple project... there's only so much I'm willing to pay on a game after all.

Thanks for reading through, and let the bidding begin!

Skills: AJAX, Firefox, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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