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1. [url removed, login to view] CLICK SERCH There are 8 icon that needs to work CORRECTLY (the different icons are based on what client select in premium listing)-especially reservation system must contact person via cell phone, ETC-and REST

9:19 PM

2. [url removed, login to view] contact person by cell phone but not a required field so that people get reservation by phone 24 hours in advance via text. Al reservation requires a $10 deposit OR $5 PER PERSON deposit for 3 or more PAID TO ResSYSTEM AND EMAIL PAYMENT TO ME to confirm V IA PAYPAL. And send confirmation back Resturant the book time. All this need to be automated.

9:23 PM

3. [url removed, login to view] what email is it going to?

9:28 PM

need to be a form for contact info [url removed, login to view]

9:31 PM

4. client need to be able to see what info they wrote in question box.

9:34 PM

[url removed, login to view];uid=145 WHERE IS IT GOING? TO WHAT EMAIL?

1. [url removed, login to view]

2. Need to update years 2006-2011.

3. Need to make sure cell ring to client day before

4. Make sure reservation go to restaurant SO THAT THEY CAN APPROVE reservation time and date.

5. ERROR-Can't insert data into table AFTER I CLICK SUBMIT

6. [url removed, login to view] COMES FROM [url removed, login to view] DEPENDING ON THE FIELDS THEY SELECT.

7. You can forward this to your developer about why your urbancookin files won't work with a new database created on the new account,

There are several files in urbancookin that are dependent on the database.

In these files are hard-coded database connection code.

Linux prepends the account name and an underscrore (dann_) to database names,user names, and table names created in the account.

So if the account name is dann, then user created with "dbuser" will actually be named dann_dbuser. However, the user name for the new account would be urbancoo_dbuser.

Here is an example of what is hard coded in your urbancookin files: $db=mysql_connect("localhost","dann_dbuser","rtl816wz");mysql_select_db("dann_adpeeps",$db);

A solution to this would be to write an include file for database connection stuff and include this file where needed, and eliminate all hard-coded database connection stuff.

I suppose a "quick and dirty" way to fix these files so they work with a new database would be to do a "search and replace". Replace dann with urbancoo. This, of course, is only a temporary solution. If you ever move this to yet another account, you will have the same problem.

However, as I mentioned before, you could continue to use the database

on the "dann" account and everything should work fine.

If you have any questions, let me know.


1. Manage Account

2. [url removed, login to view];l=/recipes/recipe_viewer.php&action=&idnum=&icon_type=

3. When I try to log in I get error message (NOTICE: 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '= ''' at line 1)

4. [url removed, login to view] move MENU images SELECTION TO TOP OF PAGE.

5. IT required user/password to look at each recipe. IT SHOULD REQUIRE ONLY ONE LOGIN TO SEE ALL THE RESPICES UNTIL USER LOG OFF.

6. [url removed, login to view] DELETE all images (side dish, prep time,Beverage, all logos under-CREATE PERSONAL MENU- to busy.

Skills: Adobe Flash, Graphic Design, Javascript, PHP, Script Install

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