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Joomla complete page

Summary of what needs to be done:

Complete joomla design of site including menus, design, and graphics.

What our company does:

GENTIUM ASESORES is a company that offers legal services to immigrant aliens that plan to reside or are residing and wish to change their legal status in Spain.

We need the full construction of the page, including graphic content. We do have companies’ logo. And we are willing to use any reasonable priced template. For the login area, programming is required in order to track the customer’s information, keep how many "points" the customer has, and the complete follow-up of the on-line consultation. More information on customer log-in section below.

We also need a news section and a resource section to be constructed under joomla. We understand joomla has this capability standard.

We need that our employs also login and that their pending work can be traced and performed. Management needs reports of what has been done.

We will be writing all the text involved. Also, the page will be very dynamic, we will update information everyday so it must be easy to add news, download resources, add employees, etc.

What must the web site do?

We want our page to provide all information of our company, with attractive graphics, as a marketing tool to attract visitors to our office.

But as well it will have the ability to provide on-line consultations. At our opening, the only on-line service we shall provide is consultation.

The consultation is a service we provide: clients register, and purchase consultation "points". We are not certain of the exact name of this, but anyhow 1 point will be worth for 1 consultation. Once customer has successfully purchased points they are able to perform the consultation.

In a consultation, the customer from anywhere he is, describes his legal situation and uploads documents. Our legal team receives the requests and answers him via our web page. Customers then have 2 more opportunities to ask again, and receive 2 additional responses. The consultation is then considered closed.

Why Joomla?

We chose Joomla because we think it is a superb CMS, easy tu use, and capable of doing what we requiere. We installed any template, just to try it out and to create this sort of demo page with a complete description of the project we had in mind.

If you are a coder and feel that Joomla is not the best choice and that what we requiere could be acomplished using another program, feel free to bid. We are aiming for results, and we are aware there is plenty good stuff out there. The template can be changed also. Althou we are not sticked to joomla we to think it is extremely easy for us to update content constantly.

The following text is more clearly understand if you visit our site [url removed, login to view] User is demo and passw is demo2008

The template and menus

This template is one we used just for testing but it is suitable for us.

we like the top menu very much and would like something like it to be the main menu, and not limited to 6 items like this one. The current main menu on the left side of the screen could be better of as a submenu of the top menu. The 6 items of the top menu must be complete: Inicio (home); Servicios (Our products) (this should be changed to "Servicios ofrecidos" instead of "servicios"); ¿Quiénes somos? (Who are we?); ¿Dónde estamos? (Where are we?); Acceso clientes (customer log-in); and Preguntas Frec. (FAQ) (this should appear "Preguntas Frecuentes" rather than "Preguntas Frec.). All 6 sections must be constructed.

The left menu (on this template the main menu) could be changed by a submenu, or it could even be eliminated.


We need two languages to be supported: English & Spanish. We would like tiny flag icons so customers can switch languages. As we mentioned elsewere we will provide all necessary text, terms.

Clocks window

we would like a window or section on the front page with several analog clock images to appear, indicating the real time of spain and 5 different countries in Latin America, all indicating actual time of those countries. This window will also appear in heavy traffic sections like the free resources.


Payment will be handled in three ways the customer can freely choose from:

1. [url removed, login to view] payment system

2. moneybookers

3. Our own Banks payment gateway

All three are credit card processors. We understand each payment system provides us with the required script and that this is simple instalation.

Products that will be offered

We will have aproximatley three products that customers can purchase. In fact it is really one, a "point" and two "point packages" with discounts. This is why we discarded on-line commerce, because we really have just one product.

Customer purchases a point, a three-point package or a value six-point pack.

We must be able to modify the price of a point as well as the packages. Points expire, and must have an expiration date that will be indicated when the customer logs-in.

Free Resources – Recursos gratuitos

We need a small menú on the left side of the page (currently incorrectly named Key Concepts) that liks to two free resorces:

1. Downloads/descargas

Here is a section were registered customers can download different types of documentation. You don't have to buy any points to access these free resources, just register. This must be attractively designed and organized. We must be able to add/etid/remove downloadable content easily.

The clocks window will appear here.

As this section will attract some traffic we would like a banner to promote our consultation products.

2. News/noticias

Here will be our news section. We shall provide content, but must be able to easilly add, edit, and archive news. Most recent news could appear on the frontpage.

As this section will attract some traffic we would like a banner to promote our consultation products. The same banner of the download section. Also the clocks windows would go here.

Everything explained here is more organized on our site: [url removed, login to view]

Feel free to visit it to se online what we want. It is currently password protected, the password is USER: demo PASWD:demo2008

Further relationship

GENTIUM ASESORES is seeking an excelent coder capable to meet the requirements of the page and with a business relationship to look in the future. We hope this page will be completed and operative by April 1 and we would like a maintenance contract from April to December that would include some minor enhancements. This is not a commitment or part of this project but please consider this for the future.

Some providers have suggested the use of third-party software for managing the customer’s consultation, as this section it is very much like a ticket submission system. There are several products sold as "components" (ad-on for joomla). This is OK for us; we even consider it an excellent idea, as long whatever component programmers choose to use, it fulfills the description we provided above. Programmers are responsible that the product they have chosen provide our requirements. Remember this section of the page will be a private login area, the tickets (referred as consultations on our description) may not be viewed by other users. Also, as we stated on the description, the login section must keep track of how many consultation a customer has left, and access to a ticket (consultation) history.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have,

Kind regards,

Rodrigo de la Barra

General Manager

Skills: Joomla, PHP

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